In HTHIC conference one of the most inspiring events for me was the Suomi 100-workshop where we focused on designing a futures museum in the year 2040 and how the term would change. The Workshop was first based with a short session of the most general terms and practices in museums. The idea was to focus on the general idea of a museum and what practices will be different in the future.

We approached the idea with a broad spectrum and focused on service design and human interactions – as you might think, the meaning of museum is completely different in 2040. Our museum in 2040 would be: interactive, immersive, holistic and operates through storytelling, dialogue and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality technology. As our everyday lives and businesses go towards co-creation and co-operation with multiple stakeholders, it would be natural for our futures museum to rely on these aspects. Previously mentioned in my post about using Augmented Reality in Tourism, the term Gamification comes to play strongly. Engaging the visitors in creative content and immersing them in the experience is what our future’s museum is all about.

A part of an existing museum, brought to modern day. Photo: BBC.

From a sustainable perspective, the futuristic approach to our thinking can benefit the world as a whole. Our thinking shifts automatically from now to future and avoiding past mistakes when we figure out how to create sustainable living for all of us. Heritage in all its forms will be preserved and kept alive through educational experiences and holistic approach.

Eetu Ollikainen