Hello, everybody. My name is Tang Tian. But, everybody call me Tity here as it is kind of difficult to pronounce my Chinese name for my foreign classmates and teachers.  I come from China, and have been studying here in MIT for more than three years. This autumn will be my last autumn in Finland,and I will come aback to China after graduation. I do not know if I will come back to visit Finland in the future, but I am sure that I will miss people, nature, and everything here.

photo by Tian Tang

photo by Tian Tang

In terms of this study unit, I would say that the topic of cultural heritage is kind of new for me. Through reading those articles provided  by our teacher, I have somehow understood what cultural heritage is, how it can enhance the development of tourism, how it is related to some political and legislative issues and so on.

But, I would say the most difficult topic for me is “authenticity”. Even though, after reading these two scientific articles related to authenticity, I still cannot give you a clear definition about this word. However, at least, now, I have understood that the feeling of authenticity is not necessarily related to an object. Tourists can have “intra-personal authenticity” when they feel pleasure or relax. And, DMOs play an important role in making tourists feel authentic. For example, if the appearance of  one heritage is not really same as generally imagine, DMOs can try to explain the reason behind such as being renewed several times.

In sum, I am look forward to learning more related to “authenticity” during this study trip.



Tang Tian