As a teacher I am now challenging myself to dive into sharing experiences through social media , which  I haven’t done before in this extent! I love travelling and that is probably  one of the reasons I ended up working in tourism.

I never thought of being a teacher but after researching and developing tourism as well as training tourism entrepreneurs, teaching in an international tourism program at Lapland University of Applied Science seemed a very appealing job opportunity! I have enjoyed being a teacher for nearly 20 years as every working day is different. Once a year  at the International Gala Event I turn into ” Lady Gaga”.

Lady Gaga at the International Gala Event in Lapland UAS

Lady Gaga (with purple hair) at the International Gala Event in Lapland UAS. Photo: Heiden Bishop

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching has been  co-learning with students, since they always surprise with their innovativeness and fresh ideas and solutions!