Over and out…

… is our project. What a shame!

Even though the course IDDP was quite a bit of work, we had so much fun doing our last assignment and I don’t want to miss the memories of the short time together with my lovely team members. We had a blast visiting the sites in Rovaniemi and I think we also did a great job developing our idea further on. I am more than happy that I found some new international friends and hope to stay in contact with them!!


Failing in getting a good shot of our cool group!






What we came up with…

We developed an “Arctic Circle History Tour” for young and old. Our main target group were families with kids aged 8-13 years. Nonetheless, we also think that older people and of course younger people with some interest in history could be interested in our tour.

We thought about some cool features for our tour and came up with a few things: We have a dressed up tour guide who will lead the tourists through the interactive exhibitions in the Arktikum and the Roosevelt Cabin. If you don’t want to have a guided tour you could also use the free application, we would like to develop.

Moreover, we would offer a ride in an old-fashioned 50’s car to the customers to make it as authentic as possible and to let them feel the spirit of these former times. Of course this is not everything but I don’t want to reveal too much! You better visit Rovaniemi in a couple of years and ask for the “Arctic Circle History Tour” 😉

All in all…

… I am very thankful that we got to know the city of Rovaniemi better and could also help to find new ideas for the development of it. As we never considered Rovaniemi as a historic city we were surprised in a very positive way when we found some hidden heritage! It was a great experience and a superb project. I hope the teachers can fight the budget problems and keep classes like this up! 🙂

The last thing I want to say…

… is THANK YOU GUYS! You made this project very unique and unforgettable for me. I had more than a good time with you and will keep this project in good memory!

Also I would like to thank Teija a lot that she opened up this course for us exchange students, made up extra assignments for us and therefore let us gain new experiences and skills!!


Hopefully see you all a second time!


I wish all the best to everyone in this course. Cheers to an amazing time!