Hello my friends, I am Thanh Binh Nguyen, 21 years old, from Sai Gon, Viet Nam. I have been studying in Rovaniemi, Finland for 3 years. My major is Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Sai Gon Cathedral

Sai Gon Cathedral. Photo by Hieucd.

A bit about myself, I am friendly and extrovert. What I always enjoy doing in life is traveling and discovering new places, meeting and talking with new people, learning new cultures and making new friends. Perhaps, that’s why I decided to study tourism field.

At the moment, I am starting to learn a new study unit called International Destination Development Project. Through this course, we will have a chance to deepen our knowledge in Tourism Industry with Barents Region. Therefore, my expectation towards the study unit is that the students can familiarize him/her self with Barents Region, identify existing challenges and opportunities and evaluate critical success factors for the development of the region.


Rovaniemi City

Rovaniemi City, Lapland, Finland. Photo by MattiKSinisalo.

Moreover, according to the implementation plan, we will be going to Dalarna, Sweden and staying there for a week. I hope the trip will help us develop our skills in content marketing, event management and partnership collaboration, and provide us meaningful experiences and memorable time with my friends as well.