Hello people! I’m a senior student at


This is how I conquered the Alps in 2015.

Lapland UAS. My major is in tourism and hospitality.  I like how it sounds. Like, when you say “tourism”, you immediately assocciate it with your past unforgettable travel experiences and various places you wish to visit in future or with interesting people from different countries. One way or another, the bright images suddenly cross your vision and boost your mood.

Hospitality too, if someone is hospitable, you imagine a person smiling, being friendly and helpful to you. So, as I am a person who’s always looking for something new and exciting the field of tourism and hospitality seems to be the bestest of all… and, voilä, as I’d say it in a Finnish manner, I am here, studying my favourite subject with people from countries of the existence of which I couldn’t even guess before I came here.

In my freetime I do reindeer herding, reindeer riding and cooking salmon soup. Of course, I that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, because I’m Russian and I’m no Sami, but, I can assure you that during the past 4 years of my studies in Finnish Lapland, I got to learn a lot. Including the recipe of a salmon soup ;).


The Lada