My classmates and I went to visit Rauma on the 27th of September 2017. We had a local student Julia working as a guide to us. It was great, because she is originally from Rauma and knows small details about the town. First we visited Old Rauma which has beautiful old wooden buildings, and the narrowest alley in Finland. We got to walk on the cobblestone roads and see beautiful sights. We visited the water tower which has a beautiful sight over Rauma, and we ate lunch at a local cafe called Sali. During the tour of Old Rauma, we got to know the historical fact about the town and some tourism facts.

After the Old Rauma visit, we continued our day to Sammallahdenmäki to see the historical burial site. This burial site consist of multiple rock assemblies. Earlier during the day, we got to hear some issues that should be develop when it comesto the heritage site tourism in these locations. What we as a group noticed, that the burial site does not really have good sign posting in the area, or a good visitor´s center. Those were the two things I also would like to see some development done, because for tourists, especially Sammallahdenmäki can be hard to find.

Our task is to develop the heritage tourism sites, and find new ways for tourists to find these places. It was helpful to actually get to see the sites, and take pictures and notes. It will help to really see what can be done, and what would help these sites to flourish. The development ideas have to be sustainable, and honor the history of these places.

Just walking around Old Town Rauma. Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.

Beautiful old building that represents the atmosphere in Rauma. Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.

In the water tower looking at the view of the whole town. Picture: Nadine Sviridova. 2017.