We arrived to Borlänge after a long journey through Sweden. Right after we arrived to the train station there were two students from swedish group waiting for us. After checking in to our hostel we had lectures at the school with Albina, Tertsi and guest lecturer from Visit Dalarna, Lotta Magnusson.

Borlänge campus

Borlänge campus. Picture by me

Lotta told us about region and how they are planning to develop it in the future. By 2020 the Dalarna region will try to increase guest nights with 3 000 000 and economically 2,2 million kronors. At the moment this seems quite far fetched, since the international marketing is basically missing and most of the websites are in swedish.

Underground tour takes you 67 meters underground

Underground tour takes you 67 meters underground. Picture by me

On tuesday it was time to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites in Falun. The Falun copper mine was interesting to visit and we had an opportunity to go on a tour that took us 67 meters underground. The mine was huge and there were stairs going up and down everywhere.  You could hear water running and dripping everywhere, and the temperature was about 5 degrees. It was really dark inside and you had to watch each step that you do not step on the water and wet your shoes or fall down the stairs. Along the tour the guide told stories about the mine and the miners, unfortunately it was really hard to hear the guide talking since there were lots of noices and the space was so big that the voices kind of disappeared.

Second part of the world heritage site is Staberg Master Miner’s Estate, located about 10 km from Falun. It is a place where the big boss of the mine used to live with his family. There was a little garden and buildings they used to live in. Unfortunately we were not able to see inside of the buildings because they were rented at the moment.

There is only two days left of our trip. Tomorrow we will leave to Stockholm in the morning since we got morning off. We wilö have there almost all day to walk around and see Stockholm attractions. In the night, around 10 o’clock it is time to leave home. The journey back home will be as long as the way here, so eventually we will be back in Rovaniemi saturday evening.