Hey ya´ll! I am Anette, a student from Lapland University of Applied Sciences. This is my fourth and final year of studying tourism and hospitality in Rovaniemi. I have no idea of what I am going to do after graduation, therefore do not ask me that! I have really enjoyed studying in Rovaniemi, because it is a beautiful city with a lot to offer; nightlife, culture, restaurants of all sorts, and gorgeous nature. I do not really have any hobbies, I just enjoy spending time with my friends and doing random things spontaneously.

I am originally from the seaside, from a town called Kalajoki. I am used to living in a space where everyone knows each other, and everyone has an idea of you even before you have met each other. Moving to Rovaniemi was a big leap for me, because this city is quite big for me. I had never really visited Lapland before, therefore I was jumping to the unknown. It all turned out fine, now Rovaniemi is my home.

Taking part in the UNESCO conference is really different from anything I have done before. It is exciting to take part in a conference, because the students from my school have never done that before. I get to be one of the lucky ones. I am not too worried or nervous about it, I am just happy to listen to interesting speakers about topics I am not too familiar with. I will be updating my blog here about the conference and the speakers I get to listen to. Until that, hope you got to know me through this post even a little bit!