«We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing»

Lappset is the company with a great history behind. Started from 1970 as a family business in Rovaniemi now is famous all over the world. Moreover, Lappset possess a number offices outside the country (subsidiaries).
Lappset is B2B Company and trying to build new useful bonds or collaborations in a very trustful and sustainable way. Nevertheless, all their marketing is orientated for both organizations and the end-customers. The company keeps the trust around their product and activities. Also, the company cooperated with all of the customers by using appropriate social media channels in a very professional way. Each social media is regularly updated and keeps strong communication with their clients.
Lappset Group pays a strong attention towards their brand identity which is extremely important doe maintaining the professional view and one more time – trust.

Angry Birds Collaboration

All the social media profiles that Lappset Group uses are chosen very wisely in order to keep connection with all of the possible target grous and keep their awarenss around all the ned-users. They use Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and even Printerest. Regarding their web-page, all the social media profiles are link to their main page. Web-page is organized very wize so that any user won’t have any issues concerning navigation.Concerning other ways of marketing and keeping in touch with more end-user Lappset uses the traditional marketing approach as well. They publish some articles by using Finnish National News Agency.

My personal opinion about marketing strategy of Lappset group is that the open the whole potentian. The company is developing itself by taking into concederation all the modern trends and therefore make their brand transparent and clear for the customers.

True Lapland Spirit


Lapland UAS is that type of universities which is considered that students while studying there will have plenty of practices and possibilities to have a real life working experience by having lectures in different companies or having a guest with certain kind of working experience. During one of those practical classes we had a lecture in one of the local safari companies – Lapland Husky Safaris. The company was asking for the help in order to increase its awareness on the market by improving their marketing channels.

Lapland Husky Safaris (lately known as Northern Gate safari) is a company based in Rovaniemi which specialized on providing its customers with an opportunity to try driving a husky sled in the true Lapland spirit.
The company is a subsidiary of Lapland Safaris Company. It means that all the customers are provided by Lapland Safaris (one of the biggest companies in Finland). As a result of that fact we got to know that the company is not in need of new customers. Therefore, the marketing campaign is not going to be aimed on attracting new and more customers, as they already have plenty of them – the aim is to increase the company’s awareness. Our group considered that the forecast for this company concerning the amount of customers is quite positive due to the schedule that they showed to us – the company is totally booked.
There are 3 types of programs provided:
The small cycle – 800meters. During that program the guide is driving the sledge and the customer is sitting behind on the sledge. Another program lasts longer approximately it takes 20 min (3,5km) and in that case the customers have a chance to drive the sledge by themselves. The last program is the longest one and the cycle is 10 km and the customer is driving a sledge but still the guide is throughout the whole program.

All in all, the customer, are going to have chance to spend the time with 312 different breeds of huskies. Each of them treated well and look in an extremely great condition. Everyday practicing is an important part of their daily routine. For maintain their strength they eat every day but only once.

During the time we spend there our class had a chance to ask all the relevant questions regarding the future project work.  Also, could build our picture what the company is approximately expected to see as a result.

Thank you for yourr interest!