Thoughts about Piteå

Okay, so I have come back from Piteå. It was a memorable trip with my teachers and classmates and I had a little incident during the trip: I ruined my laptop!

Anyway back to the trip. I got a chance to visit Piteå in the most beautiful season, autumn. The class had an one day trip to different places in Piteå. Each place has its own uniqueness and provide different experiences to customers. Pite Havsbad is one example. The building is located in front of the beach with different services for families, groups of friends and professionals. Your kids can go the waterpark inside the resort, golf area and bowling having fun, while you enjoy the peacefulness and relaxation in their own spa with their own branded beauty products.


Though, I like KUST hotel the most. If I come back to this town again then I will choose this place to be my accommodation. It is the 4-star hotel which is the newest hotel in Piteå. We got some facts from the hotel manager that the owner of this hotel put very high concentration on every details of KUST. From the decoration of the lobby, the creation and using of its own font, to the restaurant and spa and you can the the passion they put in every little small details of this place.


I hope if anyone comes to Piteå, they will find the joy and peace during their time here. This will be the place that I will definitely again with my friends some day!

Have a nice day everyone 🙂

Before Piteå

So our class was coming to Piteå. But what is Piteå exactly?

As far as I have done some small research online, Piteå is a major town situated on the Gulf of Bothnia, 900 km north of Stockholm and 100 km south of the Arctic Circle. It is so-called the hidden gem of the Swedish Lapland, a place  where provides various activities for families and friends.  Love camping? You can come to Piteå and enjoy it in Västra Kajen where is full of marine atmosphere. Spa-addicted? KUST Spa is 500 square metres of indoor and outdoor luxury, with a breathtaking view of the river and forests. A mingling of hot and cold – everything you need for a physical and spiritual communion with nature, with water in all its forms as the common denominator.

Piteå from above

In summer you can take part in activities such as kayaking, hiking, fishing, boating and in winter there’s snowmobiling, dog sledding and northern light tours to name a few. Local cuisines cannot be missed as well. There are plenty of cafes and restaurant for you to choose, e.g, Bryggerikällare, a historic building from 1902.

How about taking a trip to the sky?

Piteå Flygklubb is an idle airline which is located in Piteå Airport.  The airline has been around since 1966 and has today 50 members who are all involved in various forms of air sports. During the spring and summer, it is most active at the airfield when the club members meet to speak and exercise the freedom to fly on their own. Sounds cool, right?

See you soon Piteå!

New profile coming!

Hello everyone!


So let me introduce myself, my name is Mia and I am currently a 3rdyear student from Lapland UAS, Degree of Tourism 😀

Mia on a sunny day 😉


There is not much to tell about me actually… I am just a 21 years old Vietnamese girl who has been following her dream for a long time – not to be the greatest but to be able to do all the things I like and desire to do. During my free time i like to cook, hang out with my friends or just basically stay home with my guitar. Love talking and socializing with everyone, but usually in the beginning when people might not want to be close to me since I look quite angry with a no-felling face…

I also do love travelling and taking photos but sadly there was a small accident so I lost almost every photos that I had… But no worries! Mia will have more and more nice shots in the future! 😉


Pretty cherry blossoms in Helsinki 😉 I got featured on @myhelsinki with this photo yay me!


In short, this is a small tiny profile about Mia, stay tuned for the next posts!


Peace 😀


P.s: Another hobby of mine is hiding my face in the photos. Sometimes being a bit secret is not bad at all, right? 😉





It’s me, Tiia. This post will discuss about Piteå before visiting the destination; what were the preconceptions, was there any expectations and how was the overall feeling before arriving to this hidden Gem of Sweden as some would state afterwards.

Kayaking in the Beautiful Archipelago

Before our FAM-trip to Piteå, we did some research on the destination and created a pre-experience file which included information on Piteå that was collected beforehand.  What was mainly left after reading through sites after sites of information was,  that Piteå truly is a beautiful destination with breath-taking archipelago surrounding it, located no further than in the Swedish Lapland.  This was the destination we were to be developed, and man were we excited to hear more once we actually traveled there.

Another expectation of this trip was to see Piteå’s biggest tourism center; Pite Havsbad. This resort includes camping area, a spa, restaurants, a hotel and everything else located right on sea side shore. This place would be amazing to see in real life, could it really be the ultimate travel destination?

Pite Havsbad from Above

And these were only some of our expectations and preconceptions. Everyone was truly excited to see this destination and develop it to become even better.


Connect with your inner nature in Piteå


Here I go again, writing a blogpost in a bus on my way to Rovaniemi, #lifeofatourismstudent indeed! It’s been a while since we visited Piteå and every once in a while I go through the experiences we had there. Piteå was somehow very special, cozy and warm place – every time I think of Piteå, I start to think of the authenticity and the nature which was surrounded by us at all times. I would say I fell in love with Piteå. I got this feeling, that Piteå is the place where I belong and where I need to be in order to connect with my mind, as nature is the one giving that opportunity to us. I was supposed to write about winter activities and tourism in Piteå, not only about how I have fallen in love with that destination. So, let’s get to the point.  Piteå is mainly a summer destination and they enjoy tourism high season, with tons of activities and events, during summer. Challenge is, how to make themselves as intriguing destination during winter as they are during summer. Continue reading

Pite Havsbad: online perception vs. on set experience

When searching for information online for selecting a destination, the perceived image of the companies and attractions in question is essential.

Proper digital marketing activities attract more clients, increase sales of an organization and provide a strong brand image of the company to the customer (Smolkova 2018).

One of the visited companies of the study trip was Pite Havsbad. According to online research, it is also one of the biggest tourism companies in the region; actually one of the biggest tourism and conference centres in Nothern Europe. Sounds pretty convincing, doesn´t it? The website of the company gives an impression of professional, multidimensional and welcoming atmosphere with comprehensive set of services. The website is full of professional pictures and information packages of the facilities, services, events, activities and tips. Not everything is translated into English, but enough to get the information needed in order to make the decision whether to get there or not.

Pite Havsbad website pic

Picture 1. Website seems to offer something to everyone. Source: Pite Havsbad 2018


In the perfect scenario the expectations of the customer meets the satisfaction of the experience. Therefore, the possibilities of having returning customers increases. In case the expectations created by perceived image of the pre-experience are not fulfilled, the customer most likely won´t visit again. Creating contradiction, intentionally of unintentionally, between the expectations and the reality is just simply bad business.

As I interviewed few of the participants of the trip to Pite Havsbad, I learned that there were some differing experiences compared to the expectations of the place. It seemed that it was as big of a complex as the website promised. According to my interviews the place was huge and there were different departments and facilities for different purposes. Some even said it was overwhelmingly surprising how such a big place was so empty and a bit deserted, since it was a low season in the destination. It was reportedly also surprising, not in a good way, how some parts of the facilities were under repair and renovation, which created an image of unfinished and partly messy overall view.

Despite the quietness and unfinished details of the place, my interviewees considered the trip as a positive experience and might even visit Pite Havsbad again some day. Especially the pleasant atmosphere, family-friendly services and some special pampering packages for couples were attractive features for the interviewees. As a conclusion it can be said, that the perceived image of the place was partly in sync with the on set experience, and the expectations did meet with the experienced satisfaction at least for some parts, but enough still to lead to possible customer loyalty and return of the customer.

Pite Havsbad spa

Picture 2. On set view does look pretty inviting. Source: Jakke Rutonen 2018



Pite Havsbad AB 2018. Accessed 12 October 2018

Smolkova, E. 2018. Influence of Digital Marketing on Brand Image Perception of the Company. Kajaani University Of Applied Sciences. Business Administration. Bachelor´s Thesis

Brief history of Piteå

Well, it has been awhile…

Hey everyone!

Some time has passed since our return from the FAM-trip in Piteå, what a journey it truly was. Such amazing stories, people, buildings, businesses, heritage and most of all; dedication in developing Piteå as a destination. This blog post however, will discuss shortly about Piteå’s past and some historical events the area holds; so, if you are into history like me, this post is for you!

Piteå from above

Piteå has been existing as a name in writings as early as 1335, however it received its city privileges in 1621 as King Gustav II Adolf founded the new town. Right from the beginning, Piteå started its rivalry with the neighboring city, Luleå; founded at the same time. Even a letter that was sent to the government with a plead stating ”Lay waste to Luleå”, the largest competitor in trade, is still famous to this day. In 2018, Luleå still exists to be Piteå’s toughest competitor in many areas, including tourism.

In 1666, the whole town of Piteå was destroyed in a fire and the next few years were spent on building a new city in Häggholmen, where the city is presently located. During the 16-hundreds, Piteå’s most famous historical site was as well built in its place; Piteå Church (Stadskyrka). However, Piteå was faced with a similar unfortunate event in 1721, as Russian troops burned down the city during the Russian Pillage between the years of 1719 to 1721. Luckily, the pride of Piteå, the church, was left standing where it was built in c. 1686. The Piteå church and the church village surrounding it, works as the most important heritage site in the city. It also showcases a lot of historical value and is highly important regarding historical and cultural tourism in the area. The beauty of this particular spot in town is definitely worth seeing!

Church town in Piteå (c) Hieu Nguyen

In 1809 during a war, Sweden was to surrender against the Russian army; which led to Russian troops occupying the city of Piteå. The last shot of the war was fired in Pitsund, only 10 kilometers south from the city of Piteå, and it still remains as the last shot fired in war on Swedish soil.

As shortly described in this post, Piteå definitely holds things to see and learn, even for a history enthusiast like myself. In addition to the beautiful archipelago, nature and multiple tourism sites to visit, Piteå’s cultural and historical heritage is something to take a closer look into; it is fascinating (trust me).


Indoor Ski Hill

Hello Readers,

This is the inside of the current indoor cross-country skiing they have to offer. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

Piteå was a great destination we traveled to. It was a hidden gem that offers a lot of summer experiences that are marketed and tourists love to travel to. They also have winter experiences to offer to their tourists you just have to do some research on the area. They have a ski hill that accommodates the different difficulties of skiing so you can bring the whole family.

There are historic findings that date back to 1620 that show Piteå as an established town/city. There are a lot of destination experiences planned to be ready for the 400-year celebration in 2020. The city of Piteå plans to have a new website up and running for tourism as well as many projects completed in 2020 for the celebration. This celebration is important for Piteå and can be the showcase of this hidden gem.

This is the indoor tire testing area. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

Currently there is a ski hill (I have included the link to the Ski Hill, however it is only in Swedish) that operates in winter after the snow has fallen. There are 3 different downhill tracks you can take with increasing difficulty on each of the slopes. Also to offer there are many different cross country trails. There is also a building where they have built an indoor cross-country track that is used mainly for training but could also be used in the summer. It is attached to a center where they test tires on cars to ensure they are safe for the road.

This is what the ski village will look like in 2020 when the tunnels and indoor skiing area is complete. You can see where the chalets and hotel will be located as well. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

In 2020 the Ski Hill hopes to also have a larger indoor cross-country skiing tunnel as well as an indoor downhill skiing area. It will be called the Lindbäcksstadion. There will also be a chalet village and hotel at the top of the hill. The investors of this indoor ski center wanted to get ahead of the curve when it comes to global warming to have skiing available all year round. There will still be outdoor skiing available in winter on the other part of the hill, and the cross-country trails outside will also be intact. The indoor session will be additional to what is currently offered, so if there is not enough snow, or if you want to ski in a controlled environment this indoor stadium would be the destination for you.

Check this ski location out, and plan to celebrate the 400-year celebration in 2020 with a trip to this up and coming ski village.


Piteå – Your future destination

Hi all!

New post after a while, yay!!

It has been a week since I had a trip to Piteå, and unexpectedly, Piteå was far more from what I imagined (of course in a positive way 🙂 ). It was a quite enjoyable journey, and also a tired one since we went on a city tour for a whole day in 13 hours. Anyway, thanks to our tour guide Hansis, I was able to see many interesting places in Piteå which were totally wowed me since this small town has such attractions.

Piteå looking from above

Pedestrian street in Piteå

Well, if you have no idea where to spend your holiday, either in summer or winter, I will absolutely recommend you Piteå. So why I would say so?

This small town, in fact, has a quiet potential to develop their tourism. Even though surrounding numerous well-known destinations in Lapland such as Luleå, Rovaniemi, Kemi, Piteå still have its appealing points to be able to capture tourist attention.

The accessibility to Piteå is quite convenient by using public transportation from Luleå, Skellefteå and Arvidsjaur. The city also has Haraholmen harbour, although it is not available to get to Piteå by boat, but it is might possible to do so when the city will be extending and investing into its infrastructure.

Sunset in Piteå

As I mentioned from my previous post about Piteå’s special archipelago, you can leisurely enjoy your trip in both summer and winter with various activities. Whether you are natural explorer, adventure or you are just basically looking for recreation, then Piteå will definitely be a satisfying decision. From skiing, hiking, marine sports, indoor activities, Piteå can offer you many options.

Cottages by the sea in Pite Havsbad

Piteå is ranked as top 10 in term of camping in Sweden, you will not want to miss the Pite Havsbad – the biggest resort in Swedish Lapland. This complex is a suitable accommodation for year-round holiday. Situating along side the beach, you can play water sports, or just simply enjoy the amazing beach view from its buildings.

Spa house by the sea in Pite Havsbad


Indoor water park in Pite Havsbad (looking for summer atmosphere during the winter? here you are!)

Restaurant in Pite Havsbad

For winter time, icebreaker is the thing that you should give a shot when having a journey to Lapland area. And of course, you can reserve a tour in Piteå which is available from December to April. Like what I described in my previous post about this unique tour, I can assure you it will be worth every penny to experience this.

Piteå icebreaker

For those who love skiing, you can visit Piteå to play this sport in any time of the year at Lindbåck Stadium (yeh, i’m serious when i said that you can skiing in summer 😉 ). The stadium is still in the development process by building more slope, improve indoor skiing facility in order to enhance tourist experience, as well as skiing world cup orientation.

Skiing house Lindbåck stadium

For high-end experience, I totally recommend you to book your stay at KUST Hotel & Spa. It is a 4 stars hotel which is established few years ago and it brings a fresh breath in Piteå lodging service. Each divisions in hotel  have a story behind that creating a very vivid picture for KUST.

City view at KUST bar

Well, Piteå is a fairly new tourism destination, so it has not been suffered from mass tourism or overwhelming exploitation. Besides, Piteå also aims to avoiding international tourism exploration in order to utilizing local tourism scale and resources. Therefore, you should better prepare and pack your stuff to visit Piteå if you are already exhausted from the crowd or mass tourism destinations and craving for some real peaceful atmosphere.

That’s all for today guys. Thank you for your time and patience to stay with me in end. Bye bye!

Piteå and Instagram: A Dawn of a Relationship

You see the world much better through camera – said Louis Malle, a famous French film director.

The shopping street in Piteå

The shopping street in Piteå

You have your eyes, as your best tool to see things in this world that no other equipment can beat it.  But to capture those beautiful moments and have to stored to look at it again and again, it’s your brain to do so. But what the brain’s bad at is sometimes, it can forget things. And that’s why we have a camera. To take photos and videos of the moments we truly love and cherish, so that when we grow older, we look back at it and reminisce about those wonderful times. That’s how you see the world: not only the world at the moment you are looking, but also the world to remember of!

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