September 2018 archive

Want to know me?

  Guess not. But you will start to feel curious a little bit: “Who am I to ask that question?”. Okay, so don’t just read my post’s preview. Let’s click and see how much I am willing to befriend with you. It doesn’t matter: nationality, gender or skin colors. Let’s get to know me so …

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Young man with many names

I express my unending gratitude towards you, who have showed interest in checking this page! My name is Jakke, but as the title says, I go by many names. There is a reason behind it of course, for people tend to give nicknames based on the activities we do together for some reason. That being …

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Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I’m Bing!

Penang's street artwork

Yo! That’s not how I usually greet people though 🙂 Anyway, let’s get to know each other shall we? I mean, I wouldn’t know who is reading my post, but at least you’ll now know something about me. It’s like an one-way befriending. But I don’t mind that! Any form of befriending is always awesome …

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A brief history of Me

Xin chào! You may notice the first strange words in this blog “ Xin chào”, this is how Vietnamese people say “hello”to everyone with a smile on their face. In 1992, I was born as a happiest baby in this world, because I have my father and mother who cannot give me everything in this …

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Uniquely Me – Danielle

About Me My name is Danielle Gadsby. I am currently taking 3rd and 4th year classes at Lapland University of Applied  Sciences. I hope to graduate next fall after I complete my Thesis next summer. I am a Canadian citizen who came to Rovaniemi, Finland in September of 2016 to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in …

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Welcome to start blogging!

Reflections on Virikkolampi

How to start blogging? Let’s first discuss what you can remember from your second-year studies! Notice that in the title, Heading 1 was used. In the following, a numbered list is used.  These both affect SEO. In the dashboard, choose Posts -> Add New Post Write a descriptive title to your post. Notice that it becomes …

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