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This is Me at the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village. (Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby)

My name is Danielle Gadsby. I am currently taking 3rd and 4th year classes at Lapland University of Applied  Sciences. I hope to graduate next fall after I complete my Thesis next summer. I am a Canadian citizen who came to Rovaniemi, Finland in September of 2016 to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism.

Why Finland? I did some research on Universities that excel in Tourism Education. There was a great choice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but I wanted an adventure. I stumbled upon some courses in Finland that were taught in English. Further into my research I found out that Finland is globally recognized for having the highest education standards and learning techniques for their students. I took the chance, and got an invitation to participate in the Entrance Exam process with Lapland University of Applied Sciences. I succeeded in that and have now enjoyed my education experiences in Finland.


This photo is in Chicago at the famous Cloud Gate “Bean” Sculpture. I was in Chicago for the Entrance Exam. (Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby)

I have always had a love for traveling, which has been mostly in the United States and Canada, only recently have I begun traveling in European countries and exploring the possibility of other locations. I prefer to travel in a group or with my family, I am a very social person so traveling alone would leave me with no one to talk to.

My hobbies include watching Ice Hockey, watching Baseball, hanging out with friends and family, and writing my blog. I have my own person blog that allows me to showcase my travels and experiences, it is called Travel Bug Bloggs. I started this blog while I was on an exchange semester in Kempten, Germany. Another benefit to my education experience in Finland was that I could go on an exchange to another country.

Prior to commencing my studies I set out some rather vague goals. “My goals for this program are to further gain knowledge and experience in the Tourism Industry, as well as to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. I would like to work internationally in the tourism industry as a team player that is always looking for a new challenge.” (Motivational Letter, April 2016). Since I am almost finished my studies I thought it would be good to see if I have achieved some of my goals. I believe I have gained a lot further knowledge of the Tourism topic. I am very proud of myself for taking this adventure on, and am grateful of the international contacts I have made through this experience.

Once my studies are finished I hope to partner my degree with a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certificate I already have. Most countries where you can teach English want you to have a degree in something in order to get a work visa. I hope to teach somewhere in Asia or Europe or even pursue a career in Tourism back home in Canada. I have some options, I just need to figure out what best suits me once I graduate.

Thank you for reading.


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    Nice introduction, Danielle! Interesting to read. Hyperlinks, photos used. Photo credits given, good! How about next activating the reader somehow?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I will try that in the future.

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