A brief history of Me

Always with my brightest smile

Xin chào!

You may notice the first strange words in this blog “ Xin chào”, this is how Vietnamese people say “hello”to everyone with a smile on their face. In 1992, I was born as a happiest baby in this world, because I have my father and mother who cannot give me everything in this world but their endless love!

After 23 years living with my parents, the young girl decided to flight a long-haul flight from Vietnam in Southeast Asia to Finland in Northern Europe. Rovaniemi and Lapland University of Applied Sciences are places that support me in studying in the field of Tourism, especially Experience Design. I have captured Rovaniemi from the beautiful sunshine to the sparkling snowfall, a place for me to learn, to enjoy and to be open-mined with tons of experience. As a last year student I will enjoy to the full my remaining student life.

My first time seeing snow in Rovaniemi

Sometimes, I wonder where all my money is going. Then, in my pretty shelf, there are traveling, cooking books and novels; tea and tons of different kinds of tea; and magnets from many countries I have been traveling to.


Traveling is now an unseparated part of my life. Sometimes, it is better to travel alone to experience the truly yours. Whenever you visit me, I would offer you a cup of tea based on your mood and conditions. Trust me! Lastly, the way I add spices to my life is through cooking. The moment I wave my hand to smell my Vietnamese Pho soup, a combination of roasted star anise, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cardamom, peppercorn, fennel seeds, onions and gingers creates an aromatic heaven – called “bliss”.

Me in Paris (France), Athens (Greece) and Menorca (Spain)

Everyone calls me Tibby and I am from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I hope that my life will always be full of colors and I don’t mind whether it is good or bad. “Everything happens for reasons” and there is still a long journey to find out the inner self – Me!

Thank you for taking your time reading a brief history of mine! Have a nice day!


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  1. Amazing text you have here. Such nice introduction Tibby! 🙂

    1. Thank Tiia 😍

  2. awesome picture and glad to hear about your passion for traveling 😀

    1. Same to you Minh. I can’t wait for our trip to Sweden tomorrow !

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