Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I’m Bing!

Light Tunnel at Penang Butterfly Farm

If you can’t make lights glowing around you by yourself, find a place to do that for you!


That’s not how I usually greet people though 🙂

Anyway, let’s get to know each other shall we? I mean, I wouldn’t know who is reading my post, but at least you’ll now know something about me. It’s like an one-way befriending. But I don’t mind that! Any form of befriending is always awesome 😀

By now you should know that I do use a lot of smiley emoticons when I write, and that does reflect who I am in person: smiley and positive. Ok, not all the time (especially in the morning), but in general, I like smiling a lot. Things make me smile are usually pretty simple: food, sleep, cute dogs, funny cat videos, you name it. But what makes me smile to my ears has got to be traveling. Traveling has been my haven where I find my freedom and my ecstasy. It’s the feeling of being in a place where I have no idea what to expect excites me. And also, why traveling pleases me that much is because I can meet new people from all over the world, who stumbles upon you randomly every place you go as strangers and become your friends in a minute. Therefore, I have been traveling the whole past summer and I am not planning to stop doing that, despite the fact that I have my duty of graduating from university soon. Hey, we only live once right?

View to Dubrovnik town from atop

That’s me posing above the amazing Dubrovnik town – one of the best places I’ve been to

Wander in Wat Chaiyamangkalaram

And of course, South-East Asia holds a special place in my heart!


And why SEA (South-East Asia) is so special to me? Probably because of the fact that I am a 100% Vietnamese, who got so used to what you would think of SEA: crazy traffic, drool-dropping foods, the unbearable heat or the amazing hidden scenery.  I could choose to stay in Vietnam and continue to live there like everyone else, but I’d prefer to be a little different: going to the North of Finland to live and study, where everything is absolutely in contrast to my home-country, from the weather to the food. But I guess 6 years living in here has changed me so much, that now Rovaniemi is my 2nd home and I do miss this home every time I travel somewhere. It’s my hood and I do enjoy being here!

The train street in Hanoi

1st home: Hanoi, Vietnam!. If you haven’t been here, you are missing a pretty darn good place!

Summer night in Rovaniemi

And welcome to my 2nd home, Rovaniemi. It’s authentically beautiful, I can proudly say that


What else? Hmm, that’s pretty much about me that I think you should know! Other details, well, I will leave it for you to find out. After all, as I said above, I am pretty much of a simple guy so I don’t have too much to tell, except my passion of traveling.  But hey, I am also on social media so if you want to get to know me more, you can find me by clicking on one those buttons below:

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Oh, and my name is Minh. or Bing. Or Minh Bing. Whichever way you like to call me!




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  1. What a delightful introduction of you, Minh! Would love to visit your 1st hometown! It was nice hearing from you, see you soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenni! 😀 You are welcome to come to Hanoi at anytime!
      I look forward to seeing your intro 😀

  2. Awesome pictures! and great introduction.
    Sending my love,
    -Other half of your TING

    1. The other half of your TING thanks you for the comment! 😀

  3. Cool pictures as always Minh. I am watching Friends series and I can guess where the name “Bing” comes from, right? hehe

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