Want to know me?


Just my reaction when I know you are looking at this post

Guess not. But you will start to feel curious a little bit:
“Who am I to ask that question?”.

Okay, so don’t just read my post’s preview.

Let’s click and see how much I am willing to befriend with you.
It doesn’t matter: nationality, gender or skin colors.
Let’s get to know me so I can get to know you as well!

Hello you! Yeah you!

Yep! The one in the picture is me, while standing besides John Lennon’s Wall in Prague, Czech Republic. I am an weird but cheerful person from Danang city, Vietnam: an extrovert with an introvertive soul.

As an extrovert, photography is my haven since I can rid of the hustle and bustle of my life, just me and the cam. Be free and be me for a while. I am not talking about profession in photography. My photos are random and artistic to me. Just like my photos, I live reckless in a positive meaning: “Live in your own way so when you look back, you don’t regret about what you have done”. Nature is my one and only muse. I love basketball and I will never stop loving it. Remember I said travelling is my haven? Basketball is my heaven. With a slight change, you can create a different meaning!

Sunset in Danang city. I was riding a motorcycle when I took this photo. Just can’t resist the view

Rovaniemi in Autumn. I just grabbed my phone and randomly took a picture. The beauty says it all!

As an introvert, I enjoy the time reading books with a cup of coffee or just a chilly evening with music and a cup of tea. Or just being a couch potato on weekend, watching Vikings and Game Of Thrones. Why not? ^o^. Family and friends are the most precious thing to me. They are the colors of my life and the apple to my pie.

My best friend and I (took photo) on the way to The Eastern Mountain in Quang Nam province, Viet Nam

Me fight for the city tournament’s championship








If you have read till this line, of course you have already known I am a poor little exotic Asian girl. I chose a different pathway compared to my friends: I chose to come here, to the Arctic Circle, to write another chapter of my life. And it is my greatest 2-year experience until now. New friends, new cultures, new me! I am happy with my decision, and I am even happier to befriend with you. This is an introduction about a Vietnamese girl who you may want to be weird with :). I am Min and nice to meet you!

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