2.10.2018 archive

There is only one

”The amount of energy in her is amazing” ”With her it is impossible not to laugh” ”She represents well the stereotype of a Savonian person – very laid back and  sometimes confusing” ”Trustworthiness is her best quality” ”Hmm…An innovative idealist” ”Everyone’s friend and definitely determined when she puts her mind into something” – My friends …

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I am Nid

Heya! Again, I am Nid. I am one of the sons of my parents, a brother of my 5 siblings, a boyfriend of someone, a soon-to-be bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, currently I am the Marketing Manager of a new startup Wikkelä Oy. The most important thing is I am myself, not anyone else. …

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Who’s that girl?

Well, she is not that much of a girl anymore but a 26 years young woman with huge curiousity towards life. My name is Jenni and I was born in Finland, Northern Ostrobothnian village called Tupos. I am a small village girl and spent first 20 years of my life learning all the skills needed to spread …

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