I am Nid

I am canoeing on Kitinen river

Heya! Again, I am Nid. I am one of the sons of my parents, a brother of my 5 siblings, a boyfriend of someone, a soon-to-be bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, currently I am the Marketing Manager of a new startup Wikkelä Oy. The most important thing is I am myself, not anyone else. 😊

I was born in HongKong in 1993, but moved to Vietnam and grew up there with my family. My childhood was greatly connected to rural nature and activities, plain people and independence. I started working for my family’s farm to earn my snacks money since I knew what cashew apples and rice were. I worked closely with those plain farmers and their children. I used my snacks money for books instead of snacks. And I didn’t enjoy that time until I found the purpose of my life. I want a ticket to my childhood again.

I went hunting

In 2015, after finishing my first degree in Vietnam, I collected all my saving that I got from different jobs and all the support from my parents to buy a ticket……..to Rovaniemi, Finland. 3 years here in this country, I live a gain in my childhood. I go to school and work during weekdays, and stay in cabin during weekends. I stay tidy and cleaned in the town but get dirty and free in the wooden house. I cut wood in summer to burn them in winter. Bad lucks from a stormy autumn hunting day, but I still get good lucks from the shallow lake. I have been enjoying here so much that I was able to answer one question without any hesitation from 2 Mormons who used to ask me on the street : what is the purpose of your life?

Thank you so much for reading till the very end of my first post. I still have a lot to tell you about myself, but I am quite sleepy now 😊 . Let’s wait for my next post to know me more. Good night! *snoring*

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