There is only one

”The amount of energy in her is amazing” ”With her it is impossible not to laugh”

”She represents well the stereotype of a Savonian person – very laid back and  sometimes confusing”

”Trustworthiness is her best quality” ”Hmm…An innovative idealist”

”Everyone’s friend and definitely determined when she puts her mind into something”

– My friends


You can call me Tiia, nice to meet you! Even though you already read what my friends think about me as a person, I can tell you a bit more detailed about myself. Shall we begin?

Entertaining other beach-goers with some lovely tunes


23 years old

Originally from Kuopio, Finland

Has a big family that she loves dearly

Plays ukulele

Lives in Rovaniemi, Finland

Enjoys cinnamon rolls




Once upon a time, a beautiful baby-girl was born into a family of five…Okay, just kidding, let’s not go all the way back there, you might be busy. However, if you want to hear my life-story hit me up! (or just follow me). I will add my Instagram at the end of this post .

In 2015 whilst working night-shifts at bars to get my days to pass and rent to be paid, I was looking for some new challenges in life. I had graduated in December 2014 as a tourism activities organizer and always knew I wanted to study more at some point in my life. After a long thought (maximum 1 day), I decided to apply to the bachelor degree at Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi; I got in (wohoo!), moved 500 kilometers away and here I am, doing my 4th year of studies, almost graduating. Before moving to Rovaniemi, I had done quite some work already within the tourism and restaurant field from bartending to marketing. I even lived in Spain for a while to work in the hotel sector. However, my dream is to work in the event and marketing field and therefore these past years in Rovaniemi have been truly amazing. My studies here have given me the knowledge and skills to work in my dream job one day. Already starting my career recently, I have worked in social media marketing as well as event management/coordinating. In the future I hope to process further with my professional career and continue self-development in this field.


Living the life in Paris. ”Enjoy life, it is a gift”

For me, life consists of my lovely family living in Kuopio, my little silly but such dear friends, my amazing better half of me who is there through ups and downs, not forgetting traveling and discovering the world any chance I get. Other things I have a deep understanding and interest into are history and diverse cultures. If I had not chosen tourism as my future career, my dream job would be a history teacher or a researcher in that field. Nevertheless, here I am and here we are. Thank you for your time! And as one governor of California once (or million times) stated: ”I’ll be back”


”Never stop exploring”



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  1. Absolutely delightful introduction to read, Tiia! Thanks 😍

    1. Thank you Jenni! 🙂

  2. Those pictures reminded me about our road trip so bad! It is awesome to hear about your journey to here, to us! 😀

    1. I miss that roadtrip too! But we have plenty of adventures ahead of us 🙂

  3. lovely Tiia ahihi, dont forget to bring your Ukulele to Sweden so we can sing along together 😎

    1. Hehe thank you! I will not forget 😀

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