Who’s that girl?

Well, she is not that much of a girl anymore but a 26 years young woman with huge curiousity towards life. My name is Jenni and I was born in Finland, Northern Ostrobothnian village called Tupos. I am a small village girl and spent first 20 years of my life learning all the skills needed to spread my wings and learn to fly. When I finally decided to be able to fly, I started to find myself from the most interesting places.

I have always been truly outgoing and adventure-lover kind of a girl and been keeping my parents on their toes with my endless need to go and do stuff. I have been kind of a wanderer and not yet knowing what is really my ambition in life. I decided to try my wings abroad, went to the Finnish Defense Forces for a year service and worked in several different industries. This all was enough for me for a while and I decided to step into a whole new kind of an adventure – I was gifted with a son. Through him, I have started to see the world from totally new perspective, child like and that has done only good for me.

Exploring culture in Armenia.


After living in Armenia and travelling in Africa, Caucasus, all around Europe and British Isles I came up with an idea of making the thing I love the most – travelling – my future profession.   When arriving back home from 6months of living in Armenia, I started to study in Lapland University of Applied Sciences, in Rovaniemi Finnish Lapland. What is so interesting in my studies, is that I can feed my endless curiosity when it comes to the cultural aspects, sustainable tourism and destinations. Those are the things which thrive me in my way to the life of my kind.

Today my life runs around school, preparing for graduation and family life. Nature is close to my heart and I am interested in self-development and developing being present in life. When I feel down, I take a good book and reflect my emotions through authors thoughts. I am sick of electronic widgets and my day dreams consist of fantasizing about life in northern-most Lapland wilderness. Well, I am also happy to be where I am right now, but one’s got to have dreams, right?

Strengthening connection with nature.

You always get surprised by the fact of how much travelling grows you as a person. I have never ever been the same person after returning from my travels than I have when I left there. I am looking forward to visit Piteå, which is coastal and blue wellbeing tourism destination, to see how holistic wellbeing of a humankind is thought there and how have they developed their coastal and blue wellbeing brand to what it is today. And most importantly of all, grow as a human a bit again like after each travel I make.

I want to teach my son to respect and enjoy nature.

Will write to you soon again, heihei!



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  1. Awesome introduction post you have there! keep it going :d
    PS: Eetu looks adorable! 😀

  2. What a great picture of you and Eetu! And very nice writing 🙂

  3. I also find peaceful around the nature. Cutie Eetu and you with blueberries! Nicely written post 😀

    • Outi on 26.11.2018 at 09:54
    • Reply

    A nice introduction! Personal touch. Photo credits? It would have been great to read more about your experiences in the Defence Forces and Armenia. What did you especially learn there about yourself?

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