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Hi all!

Hmm… how should I start this blog? …Anyway, first thing, my name is Lam and you can also call me Julie, but either way, any name is fine for me (some even call me as Sloth…)

Haha that’s me with my spiritual animal on the bag

About my status, I’m 21 years old and currently studying my 4th year at Lapland University of Applied Sciences for my-soon-to-be bachelor degree in hospitality management. FYI, I was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh city in Viet Nam. After 18 years, I decided to get out of my country border and eventually ended up in some of the furthest (and coldest) point in the North, to be exact in Rovaniemi Finland (that was unexpected though). Well, time goes by so fast and I have been here for 3 years already.  Even things were messed up sometimes, but what I have got and what I have learnt, it is worth to leave familiar things behind and move forward for a better scenario. I really appreciate for what makes me the person I am today, for new friends and memories while living in Finland ( I truly does no matter how much I dislike your freezing winter haha). Long way to go!

Me during the spring breakaway in Budapest, Hungary

Year by year during my stay in Rovaniemi, I always wonder how did I survive through the winter here when the temperature usually drops to below  -20 or even  -40 and by the fact that I am an original tropical-zone person. Such a tough journey… but the best point is my getaway trips in winter. Wandering here and there around the Europe is my favorite thing. It is such memorable when looking back to where I have been to, what I have seen and so much longing for all the savory food I have eaten. It makes me happy to see my travel list gets longer and it also will in the future.

Well,  basically that is me so I will end my intro here. Last but not least, thank you for your time and patience to read my post until the end. See you in the next updates! Have a nice day 🙂

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  1. oh my cutie little sloth😘

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