From Rovaniemi to Piteå

Hello from Rovaniemi,

Tomorrow, my class goes to Piteå for our study trip. Located in the Swedish Lapland, Piteå is embraced by the archipelago, sea, forests and a countryside. Having a glance at Piteå main website, I found a video that really give me a holistic image of this place. With 8-minute long, many stories are told regarding city development, resident lifestyle, water and sport activities, education, music and nature, especially the magnificent Northern Light – Aurora Borealis.

The website itself is translated into 3 languages which are Swedish, English and German, so it is easy for me to reach all the information. You can also find more about Piteå at Swedish Lapland Website.

Talking about Lapland, people will be always amazed by the beautiful Aurora and Piteå also offers you the magic show which is called “A Meeting of God”. I hope that we are able to see it during 2 nights staying with the support of the weather. Although I have seen it many times in Rovaniemi, Northern Light is the show that I never want to miss. Also, we can take our time enjoying the Swedish Lapland nature and sceneries.

“Light and untamed strength” (Photo by Richardson, Broman & Duncan)

The town host annual events and also smaller local such as art, Christmas, dancing, music, handicraft, yoga and other events throughout the year.  From 4-6th of October, there is a  dancing and musical event ( Musik o dans 50 år – Peters äventyr) celebrating the local Music and dance schools 50 years of anniversary.  Maybe we can join them a bit😜😜😜

Next is about outdoor activities. Piteå has approximately 90 kms of footpaths and cycleways. People can cycle or walk from the city centre to, for example, Bergsviken or Öjebyn without using roads with car traffic. With a beautiful archipelago, many islands, archipelago tours and guest harbours, the city offers boat tours, cottages for hire and moorings togther with  offers fishing  and hunting by Piteå River. During winter, visitors can participate in 2-hour Icebreaker cruise or slowly hike with your snowshoes on the frozen sea towards the islands of the archipelago. (Pitea 2018) 

(Source: Pitea 2018)

I actually impress on the renewable energy projects of this town including Europe’s largest wind power project in MarkbygdenChemrec’s pilot plant and Energitekniskt Centrum i Piteå (a research and development centre for renewable fuels with focus on combustion and gasification processes). These show that the town is really taking renewable energy sources into consideration – sustainable energy. 

Piteå has more to offer such as Amusement Park, Dinosaur Land, golf and a lot of attractions like historical churches, museums and memorials. Heritage village, ancient monuments. We only stay for 2 days and nights, so we can only join some activities but I have a really high hope for  exploring this lovelily peaceful place.  

For more information, please take time to visit here.

Thank you for your time reading my blog and stay tuned for the next one after my Piteå trip.  Moi moi! 

References: Pitea 2018. Accessed 3 October 2018

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  1. A visual blogpost, nice reading. In the beginning, introduce what this class and field trip are about. Embedded video, lots of hyperlinks, good.
    Remember copyright issues. Even though the photos are online, you do not necessarily have the right to use them even if you give the source.

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