Hi, nice to meet me

Hey there! My name is Joni and I just started my 4th year of tourism studies in Lapland University of Applied Sciences here in Rovaniemi. I was born in 1992 and spent the first 20 years of my life in my hometown Kuusamo, which is located about 200km south-east of here, close to the Russian border. Before moving to Rovaniemi I studied photography for a year and also lived in Kajaani for two years studying computer science and game design. Those subjects have since followed me here and are still my beloved hobbies. Shifting into tourism studies felt easy since I already had some experience working in the field, in fact one of my first jobs was as a ski lift operator in Ruka, a popular ski resort in my hometown. I also did short stints as a guide in a safari company there and in addition we rented our cabin for tourists visiting Kuusamo.

My home lake Kitka.

Studying in Rovaniemi has been great, I’ve met a lot of new people from all over the world and made close friends too. At this point I’m not sure what will be ahead of me after graduating. I’ve been dreaming of spending some time working abroad, perhaps in Norway, where I’ve been longing to go back to for quite some time now. Right now I’m preparing to survive the long dark winter season and the rest of my studies here in Lapland. This winter I’m also planning to delve more into astrophotography, so I’m hoping we’ll get a good amount of crispy cold nights and clear skies.

The calmness of Lofoten Islands.


Till next time!


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  1. Now I know that we are same age Joni. Good to hear about your plan in the future 😀 Enjoy and Take care!

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