Sending love from Joan! ❤️

Warm welcome to the first blog post of Joan!

Joan, Joanne, Lan. You can call me whichever you like. So nice to meet you!

Wonder why I’m here? Yes I had been flying like a bird from Asia to Europe. I was born and grew up in a beautiful and modern city – Saigon, Vietnam. Spending my whole 18 years there, I decided to take part in the entrance exam and put one step closer to my dream – studying in Europe. Finland actually gives me great opportunities to follow what I desire.



I live in a small family with my mom only. So I know it’s hard to go to a country that is 18-hour flight far from my home.  Meeting new friends, learning how to deal with documents, cooking new dishes,… these things taught me how to become a strong girl. I still remember the first time I saw snow and northern lights. Everything is so magical and at the moment I believed that my decisions are right and I need to move forward.

By the way, I still haven’t mentioned my school name, which is Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The university is located in Lapland region and my campus is in Rovaniemi – a winter tourism destination in Nordic countries (as well as Europe). Though the weather might go down till -42 Celsius degree, I still love this town and its peacefulness, also, the people here.



Beside my studies, I spend some free times for my hobbies – playing guitar, surfing the social media and traveling. Why not traveling when you are living in Europe? My youth has been fulfilled with interesting trips with friends and family. France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Singapore, South Korea were the destinations I made during my 20-year-old time. I hope more and more journeys will be waiting for me in the future! ❤️

That’s basically me! If you want to know me more, follow me and we will have a great experience!

From Joan with ❤️!



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