What’s Up Friends!

Admire the nature. Take a deep breath and eat pizza later 😉

Hello, here’s a Vietnamese girl speaking. My name is Linh and I’m 22 years old. Nice to meet you all! Usually I don’t talk much about myself so I won’t tell you guys anything. I am just gonna type it. 😉

I was born in a beautiful coastal province – Ninh Thuan and grew up in a key economic city – Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. There are 5 members in my family. As a youngest and the only daughter, I grew up with all the love I could ever ask for. That was why the day I left Vietnam for Finland all of our family members had mixed feelings and thoughts. Everybody needed to understand that I had to take a next step in my journey at a certain point.

As a tourism student, one of my interests is traveling. I haven’t had chances to travel to as many countries as I wished, but somehow i managed to experience some famous tourist destinations in both Asia and Europe. I don’t know if you guys agree with this but i think traveling makes me feel good about myself. Through traveling, I have learned different cultures, languages, created new habits and met new amazing friends.

One of the new cultures I have learned through traveling was the way of celebrating New Year. I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Holland last year, which was so much fun and different from the way we Vietnamese celebrated. In Holland, we fired the fireworks by ourselves while in Vietnam the government always did that. Even though the celebrating methods were not similar, they were both meant to be happy surrounded by our beloved family and friends. One good thing for you: New Year is coming soon!!!!

Stunning as Vietnamese beaches

I also did businesses. Surprise! I owned an online clothing store when i was in high school. It was not a big success yet i managed to make a little profit for my teenager’s needs. In 2017, I was a freelancer advertiser and model for a cosmetic online shop B&B Cosmetic in Vietnam. Usually I prefer to have a quiet life but sometimes I want to appear on social media to be famous for a little while. 😉

I remember the first day I came to Finland was a sunny day. A new path has begun. Studying in an international environment has taught me many new valuable lessons. It was just not about the classes and the lectures. It was also about the meaning of life. Life with new people, new challenges and new happiness. I used to be a hot-tempered person but living in Finland for around 2 years has trained me to become more mature and silent, which is a good thing.

Smile because the sun will always be bright

You can only truly grow up when you are away from home. No matter how hard is life, just smile!

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