Where is Piteå?

Hello again! how are you doing?

Wow, it has been a while (around twenty-four hours already). I just finished packing stuff for the 2-night FAM trip to Piteå tomorrow afternoon. I am quite exciting, because at least we will go somewhere else a bit further than Kemi.  😊

Piteå downtown. Photo: Piteå municipality website.

About Piteå, the first thing actually appeared in my mind when I heard my teacher tell about this place was that it is somewhere in the south (sorry, because I live in the arctic circle, it makes everywhere in the world sound quite south to me 😊). It is located at the mouth of the Pite river, in Norrbotten County and is known as the largest and most northerly county in Sweden already.

Even though 100 km in the south of Arctic circle, Piteå archipelago has the warmest sea water in summer in Sweden (Well, I will check this tomorrow if this is true 😉, and let you know). Therefore, during that time, there are different kinds of nature activities for both tourists and locals, for example, swimming, fishing, rowing boats, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, riding bikes, birds watching, and one of my favourite hobbies – hunting, etc. Besides these outdoor activities, beautiful landscapes, and lovely town, Piteå also offers various indoor activities such as bowling, dancing and cinema, etc.

Kayaking in Piteå. Photo: Guide Natura

Winter in Piteå will not get you bored. It is not difficult to find guided tours from local travel companies. Or for solo travellers, winter activities such as dog sledding, northern light hunting, driving snow mobiles, skiing, kayaking on the sea and especially being on icebreaker, etc. will meet their satisfactions. They cannot be missed. During Christmas time, there are also special Christmas activities including glögg tasting, beer, wine and chocolate tasting, Christmas fair and Christmas dinner, etc.

Christmas fair in Piteå. Photo: Piteå municipality website

To fill the hunger after those exciting activities, there are different choices for fine dining out in local restaurants as well as drive-in food stands. They offer variety of food from international cuisine to local specialities with the taste of Swedish Lapland. Moreover, why don’t we take a cooking or baking class and make the food ourselves with the help of local chefs? 😉

Then we can have a couple beers in different bars or pubs. After that we come back to the hotel with full bellies and sleep 😊. There are numerous options for tourists about accommodations ranging from apartments, bed and breakfast, Airbnb, cabins to hotels. And my favourite stay would be a farm stay (check out my previous post about me to find out why).

And remember to go to spas in Piteå as well. Again, it is quite late now, I need to get some sleep for the trip tomorrow. Will keep you updated in the next post. Good night!

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