3 more hours to go! Pitea!

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 Pitea, Photo: Marinas.com

Hello people out there,

Just a few more hours to go. Bag packed, mobile fully charged, positive morning mood. Lot of excitement for pitea, cant wait these few hours. We, the group of around 18 students and a teacher are heading to Pitea. Now, let me tell you guys about Pitea. I haven’t been there but I have collected some information online. okay Its time share now!

Pitea is located at the shore of Bothnia at the upper part of Pite River. It has an attractive archipelago and beach resort area with spa, restaurant, golf course with beautiful nature called Pite Havsbad which is known as River of Sweden. it is popular tourism destination for summer and winter.  The coldest month are December to February and warmest month are June to August. This place is known for pitepat, a food dish of potato dumplings with pork fillings. There is also a church still standing when the whole city was burnt down by Russian troops in 1721 and different museum holding history of the place.

This place is popular for tourism destination with different activities in winter. Among them, the famous ones are Dogsled tours, Upskiing the wind, Archipelago wake up, Fisherman Bay, Guided tour BOLE Tannery, Beer tasting and many more. There is broad range of music, events and leisure activities and also several large industries. They also provide summer activities:  kayaking, boating, fishing, berry picking.

Hey guys, see you till next time.

Have fun, stay chill.

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