All the way to Piteå

Hello hello! It’s me again, Joan! As now when everybody is preparing for the next trip to Piteå tomorrow, I am sitting here, in front of my laptop and writing a blog post about my pre-experiences about this destination. So let’s have a look what I have found before the 3 days 2 nights trip to Sweden!

(Swedish Lapland 2018)

Firstly, let me introduce to you a bit. This is a FAM-trip to Piteå, Sweden as part of the International Destination Development study unit and students will pay a co-financing fee to Lapland UAS.  When the teacher informed us by email that we will go to Swedish Lapland region, I wondered where we will go? Maybe Luleå, Kiruna or somewhere else. The destination was fragile until we started the first class after 4 months of summer. Piteå will be our destination and it will take us approximately 4 to 5 hours by bus. Our purpose is to understand more about Coastal and Blue Wellbeing Tourism, to be able to visit the town, listen to the entrepreneurs and have some discussions and presentations there.

(Swedish Lapland 2018)

After knowing the exact destination, I tried to find the information about this place and had a little surprise to know that we will stay at a big cottage near the beach. Piteå is an ideal destination for summer season when it has warmer sea water and different kinds of outdoor activities such as picking berries, midnight sun, beach life, hiking along the coast, enjoying the marine view,  visiting its beautiful archipelago. Kayaking can also be mentioned as the best way to discover the charm of Piteå’s archipelago.

Thinking about Nordic, what is the first thing in your mind? Mine is the northern light. One fact about this aspect: Galileo Galilei gave the northern lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis, that is the reason why this beautiful nature phenomenon has two different names. And yes, northern lights are everywhere, creating breathtaking lines in the sky during October to February in Lapland region. During the winter time, tourists can join the cruise of ice-breaker safari. Winter activities in Piteå are the great opportunities for those who want to know more about this place: skating, snowshoe hiking, fishing or even dogsledding.

(Swedish Lapland 2018)

However, finding information about Piteå is kinda hard because Piteå has not developed the visitpitea website, which can attracts travelers who want to discover new destination. Piteå also has not done any large scale marketing campaign to promote the destination and its beauty. I hope during the trip to Piteå, we will be able to suggest and develop this destination especially during winter season.

Keep in touch! I will be back after this wonderful trip and get some updates for you guys!

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