Before arriving to Piteå and Where to go?


I have tried to learn some Swedish phrases before arriving to The Riviera of Northern Sweden – Piteå. It is only a few hours left before I can actually meet the real Piteå, not through any media source: A peculiar municipality located at the shore of the Bay of Bothnia. You can think it is impossible to be The Riviera if you heard the ice crunching against the hull of an icebreaker in the winter, instead of the sunny and shining long sand beach and a glass of cocktail! Believe me, the surprise is overhead and I am waiting for it to come.

Stroemsund Road Marina. Copyright:

As my excitement increases more and more, I have made a What-is-popular-in-Piteå list. Let’s go and see what we can do in this spectacular city.

#1. Piteå Golf Club

Placed in an extreme condition, Piteå Golf Club has its unique business: 24-hour summer golf course. Taking the extreme condition into consideration, Piteå Golf Club makes their turning point with Midnight Sun and open the opportunity for everyone to participate in this luxury sport by setting a medium price around 31-35 euros. Playing golf at 11p.m, that is not a bad idea; isn’t it? 

Piteå Golf Club. Copyright:


#2. Bathing and adventure activities, why not?

The Riviera of Northern Sweden is not a rumor! Piteå has its wonderful and marble beaches to fulfil tourists’ marvelous summer vacation with sunshine and enjoyment. Moreover, there are plenty of outdoor pools and even a Water Park; so the guests can have a wide range of choices when mentioning water-based activities.

Beach Life in Piteå. Copyright: Fredrik Broman


Pite Havsbad’s Water Park

#3. Take a trip to the sky. Hmm…sounds like a splendid Wednesday morning!

Piteå Flygklubb is an idle airline which is located in Piteå Airport.  The airline has been around since 1966 and has today 50 members who are all involved in various forms of air sports. During the spring and summer, it is most active at the airfield when the club members meet to speak and exercise the freedom to fly on their own. Isn’t it cool? 

Private jet

Alright! It is quite enough for this. It is time to visit Piteå.

Piteå, here I come!

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