Coastal City of Piteå, Sweden

As we depart on our experience to Piteå it would be best to discuss some prior knowledge of Piteå as well as what can be learned about the Destination as far as Products and Experiences offered there. This prior knowledge will aid in the understanding in explanations to be given once we get there. Personally, I, Danielle, do not have any experience with Sweden or the Swedish language so this will be my first experience to this country.

This is a Coastal Photo of PIteå. (Photo Credit:


The products Piteå.se offers on their websites for Visitors are about well-being and coastal region activities. They include the Kust Hotel and Spa that over looks the Archipelago. A lot of these other products revolve around the archipelago and the coast itself. These products include Northern Lights by Kayak, Ice Breaker Safari in Archipelago, and the Harbor. A cultural and historic product that if offered is the Piteå Museum Guided Tour, it takes you on a guided tour of the city center and history of the city. This would be very interesting to Tourists however, in winter I think it could be very cold to offer these kinds of tours, unless they are given in a bus or something.


There are many different experiences available on the Piteå.se website that include Hunting and Outdoor Safaris/Activities, Hiking the Solander Trail, and Walking and Paddling Tours in the Archipelago. The experiences regard mostly the wilderness and nature surrounding the harbor. It is important to keep the tourists and locals together in cooperation of the nature and exploring the different location of Piteå. It would be more beneficial if there was something in particular that made Piteå stand out to the adventure seeking tourists they hope to capture.

With the knowledge from the Piteå website, the expectations of the city are an older city that is proud of their surrounded wilderness and want to showcase it to tourists. According to our program the destinations and experiences we will take part in are the Solander Trail, visit the icebreaker, the Lindbäcksstadion Ski area, Piteå Tourist Center, the Harbor and the Kust Hotel. These destinations will give us a portrayal of what Piteå provides to tourists and showcasing the city. These are most of the major sites all compact into one full day. I look forward to attending this trip and experiencing what Sweden is like.

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