Linh’s coming to Piteå

We are going to Sweden! Yay!

Make sure you have everything you need in your suitcase

More specifically… We are going to Piteå – a beautiful part of Swedish Lapland! Have you ever heard of it? It is located in the Arctic part of Sweden. The first idea should come through your mind immediately when you see the word “Arctic” right? It is cold. It has northern lights. It has whatever winter is supposed to have.

But, what do you think of a coastal trip to the Arctic part? Doesn’t it sound interesting 😉  I have never been there, yet. As a tourism student I’m eager to explore this marine town in Northern region. According to those internet sources I have browsed beforehand, Piteå is a tourist center where provides various activities for families and friends. For example, you can definitely love camping in the cultural camping site: Västra Kajen where is full of marine atmosphere.

In winter time, Piteå has not been a popular tourist destination yet. Fortunately, it is gifted by mother nature as it is a part of Arctic region so Piteå has the famous mysterious Northern Lights with the stories behind it. Don’t you curious about it?

In summer time, you can randomly join in any events and festivals to have fun while you are still young, wild and free. Well, if you are not young, wild and free you still can go there to feel it 😉 If you come to Havsbad, you won’t need to worry you will get bored or even tired of watching your children. Piteå Havsbad has a lot of playgrounds and attractive places for your kids, the only job you need to do there is to enjoy your vacation. You still need to watch out for them though…

It also has many islands to explore. Piteå is a place for adventure seekers, nature admirers. If you want to be on adventures, there are variety of activities you can choose. For instance, blowgun shooting, sumo wrestling in the adventure forest. Do not worry, safety standards for customers will always high.

If you just want to admire the nature, the stunning coasts with sandy beaches will be always welcoming you with your beloved ones. If interested, come join the beach sports. Relax! Be energetic!

After a long day of being energetic There are hotels and spas to take care of your family’s well-beings. I am so excited right now. That is all I know so far🙄 I will update more if I find any good information that you guys might need when considering to travel to this lovely town of Swedish Lapland.

Can’t wait to be there and experience new fun thing!!

Piteå, here we come!


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