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I hope you are ready with your bags packed, we will soon begin our journey towards Piteå, Sweden! It will be interesting to learn what Piteå has to offer, it’s an unknown destination for pretty much all of us. For me only the name was familiar, but at least now I know one of its top attractions is Piteå Havsbad, a seaside resort referred to as “Swedish Riviera.” Now that sounds exciting, although I’m afraid our trip is not going to be a bathing holiday.

Our goal is to get familiar with the destination, identify some of the challenges and opportunities related to their tourism development, and understand the visitor experience. To prepare ourselves for the trip, we already did a quick group analysis of Piteå as a destination and now during the trip we will hopefully find more answers and new development ideas.

Sunset in Piteå. Photo: Catarina Vikberg

Upon further inspection, I learned that Piteå has a lot more to offer than just pools and baths. In summer you can take part in activities such as kayaking, hiking, fishing, boating and in winter there’s snowmobiling, dog sledding and northern light tours to name a few. For food and drinks enthusiasts there are tasting experiences available, for example in Bryggerikällare, a historic building from 1902. In the old town hall you can find a museum of social history and there’s also an art gallery in the city centre. For scenic attractions, the many islands of Piteå archipelago offer unique flora, historic monuments and long, sandy beaches. You might also find a good spot for mushroom or berry picking!

It’s now time for me to go, see you in Piteå!


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