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Today is the day we have all been waiting for as our hard work preparing ourselves to the trip to exploring destination Piteå pays off. I am writing this blogpost in the train to catch up with the rest of our group in Tervola, Lapland. This is the true life of a tourism student – always on the go. We have been getting to know our destination as real professional tourism students are supposed to. Piteå has given an extraordinary preview of itself only by the research we have done beforehand and I bet we are all quite excited to actually go there and experience it ourselves.

I already am familiar with Piteå as a Swedish archipelago destination with loads of activities and attractions to explore. We have been concentrating on Piteå as a coastal and blue wellbeing destination and therefore the coastal wellbeing activities have been under a close inspection. As you may remember from my introduction blogpost, I am into nature and therefore the activities done in the nature, have I found really interesting.  In Piteå it is possible and highly recommendable to try out activities such as canoeing, cycling or birdwatching – of many possibilities – as Piteå offers the most beautiful scenes for that.  Can you imagine going there on a yoga retreat, hiking or just experiencing coastal way of life? It can all be done in Piteå!

View of the Solander Trail in Piteå ( Copyright: Briitta Elfving Persson)

If you feel like you are not that much of an outdoors person, don’t become discouraged – there is a lot to do for you too! In Piteå, you can concentrate on your wellbeing by spoiling yourself out in the famous Pite Havsbad and if you are someone with a family – I assure you, your children are going to love it there! Well, if this spa life doesn’t seem to be fitting you, you can feed your hunger for culture by getting to know the colourful history of Piteå. Did you know that Swedish Daniel Solander (after whom the Solander Trail has been named) became a member of Royal Society, the English Science Academy? I didn’t know this and how interesting details Piteå’s history beholds! History enthusiasts can also explore churces, such as Långträsk Church, Hortlax Church and Gråträsk Chapel as well as some other ancient monuments by following the footsteps of ancestors’ in the Archaeologist Path. (Piteå Kommun, 2018.)

Gråträsk Chapel to explore for the history enthusiasts (Copyright: Piteå Kommun)

Wow, even I myself am surprised by the amount of things to see, do and experience in Piteå. Can’t wait to get there and get a closer look of the place, feel it’s atmosphere and get a deeper understanding of the culture and history of Piteå. Super-interesting destination we got here, definitely worth visiting!

Make sure to read more about Piteå in the next post!


Reference: Piteå Kommun. 2018. Accessed 4 October 2018. https://www.pitea.se/en/



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