Swedish riviera on my mind

Piteå Riviera

Swedish riviera at Piteå
(Picture 1: TripAdvisor 2018)

What? A riviera? A long sandy beach with a northern twist? Count me in!

As I was doing an online research about our study trip destination, Piteå, the peculiar characteristics of the environment immediately aroused my interest. Who would have known, that there is actually a riviera and a beautiful archipelago only 100 kilometres from the Arctic Circle? Sounds like my cup of tea.

Via online research I discovered that the environment is indeed the number one tourism attraction in Piteå. As the main themes of our study unit are coastal tourism and blue wellbeing, I can really see why this destination was picked. Piteå seems to offer a fully equipped playground for stakeholders to play. However, as my information search went further, it was a pity to notice how the potential doesn´t seem to be fully harnessed into action.

Outstanding opportunities offered by the surroundings for executing all different kind of coastal tourism activities combined with yet poor marketing and lack of DMO´s made me want to roll up my sleeves and start the project already to help this destination to shine. Don´t worry Piteå, we are coming!

Piteä Landscape

This is the view we might witness with our own eyes soon
(Picture 2: Pixabay 2018)



Picture 1: TripAdvisor 2018 https://www.tripadvisor.fi/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g1087660-i86551518-Pitea_Norrbotten_County.html

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  1. Nice title and beginning.

    Online research -> give hyperlinks to further reading / sources.
    How about bigger pictures?
    The picture can be a link to the original.

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