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So here is the story: This term I have a project called International Destination Development. Sounds cool right? and the target destination is Piteå (first time I have ever heard about this city). Basically, I totally had no idea what that is, but no worry, I already have some information about Piteå now and I can’t wait to share it with you guys 😉

Piteå is a town located on the Gulf of Bothia, in the the eastern parts of Swedish Lapland. 900km north from Stockholdm and 100km south of the Arctic Circle, Piteå has an attractive archipelago, sea, rivers, forests and an amazing countryside which make the destination popular for tourism both in summer and winter.

Piteå town. Photo: Information om Sverige

Here I will introduce you some attractions that you can find in Piteå.

The place features a beach resort called Pite Havsbad which is also labelled as “the Riviera of Norrland” or “Swedish Riviera”. The resort situates on two beautiful sandy beaches that stretch north along the coastline. Pite Havsbad is also the main beach resort along Sweden’s northeast coast and their peak season is during the summer time.  About their services, they have a tropical-themed indoor water park, hotel, camping area, spa, swimming pool, American-themed restaurant, etc., and all in one – a massive complex. FYI, Sweden’s highest water temperatures are often recorded at Pite Havsbad, therefore, don’t be surprise if you hear the ice crunching against the hull of an icebreaker a few months earlier.

Pite Havsbad resort. Photo: Fjellfotografen

Boat trip is pretty common right? so have you ever taken a boat trip which happens just a hundred kilometres south of the polar circle, in minus 20 degree celsius, plus with an icebreaker that weighs in at 400 metric tons? I guess most of you haven’t. However, you can book a tour like that right there, in Piteå. The icebreaker ship called Arctic Explorer and it is available from December to March. The tour lasts around 2 hours. During the cruising time, you will have opportunity to swim among the ice floes in a floatation survival suit or go for a walk on the ice, and of course you can expect to have a hot cup of coffee or chocolate with cream and some light snacks as well as sandwiches. I can assure you that it is quite an experience to think about walking on frozen water and bathing in a hole in the ice!

Arctic Explorer Icebreaker. Photo: Pite Havsbad

Well, those 2 attractions I mention above are the most popular tourism things in Piteå that I think you guys should give a shot when traveling to Piteå. There are few more attractions which you can find on TripAdvior and routesnorth.com or any related Sweden tourism sites.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys that tomorrow my class will depart to Piteå to get a closer look about its tourism characteristics \m/ Gotta go now and pack my things, see you guys real soon in the next update! and once again, thank you for your time and patience to stay with me in end. Bye bye!

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