Within our grasp, Piteå

Almost there! Just a couple of hundred kilometers between us and the destination. What do you mean ” what is the destination”? Oh, in case I forgot to reveal it, we are headed to Piteå! As a group of less than 20 students we are just a few hours away of embarking on the trip that culminates this study unit. All the preparations and prior research has been made in order to prepare us into what is to come. There is high amount excitement in the air as the young researchers have not physically visited the destination so nobody really knows what is ahead of us!


City of Piteå

This will be a FAM-trip to Piteå and we have been given an introduction to the topics that define this whole trip. We will be looking into Piteå’s coastal and blue wellbeing toursim. Sounds exciting, yes? It isn’t quite the same as searching for the lost city of Atlantis, even though there are no real definition yet to blue wellbeing. One of the main goals for this trip is to help that term more actual definitions and analyse how Piteå is as a coastal tourism destination, both in its current state, and how could it be in the future.

Now, judging from the search about Piteå online it seems there are some pretty nice views ahead of us. From a website called swedishlapland.com you can see that the nature plays a big part in identifying Piteå. Talks about beaches, autumn colors and, of course, northern lights appear to be the atmosphere creators. They also market themselves as ‘the Riviera of the north’ so I personally am very excited to experience this Riviera first hand!

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  1. Short and sweet, right? I like your way with words.
    How about revealing something about your research and giving some information to the reader? You could give links to Piteå websites.
    Photo credit? More tags?

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