Journey: Kathmandu to land of snow


Hello and Namaste, my name is Kumar and welcome to my blog. This blog is basically about me. Follow me to know about me personally. Let’s start with my birth. I was born in 18 July 1995. I hope you will remember to wish me in 18 July. If you forget it will be a shame. Just Kidding!! I was born and raised in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is a small and beautiful country located between India and China. If you haven’t visited Nepal, I highly recommend you go there. It’s worth your time and money. I am currently living in Rovaniemi, Finland. It’s almost been 4 years that I am here, but I still feel like I was here just few month ago. Time flies away so soon. To me Rovaniemi is my second home. I am so much love with this place, nature and people. Everything is so amazing. I cannot express in words. I also had learned so much from this place about life. But everything has its positive and negative side. I am way far away from home. I miss my home, family and friends a lot from time to time. Don’t feel sad for me. Every year I go back Nepal and spend quality time with them. Talking about my studies, I completed my high school form Nepal.

After graduation I was searching Universities abroad because I always want to visit new places and experience new things. I was very lucky to get opportunity here in Finland for my higher studies. I am studying Tourism and hospitality management in Lapland University of Applied Science. I love everything about my school; teachers, classmate, everything. But sometimes it’s very difficult for me to follow my study because firstly I am bit lazy and study system is completely different from my home country. Then talking about hobbies, it changes from time to time. I love to do everything, but I am too lazy for that. However, I just love to help other and make them happy. To me it’s the most amazing feeling. So, if you ever need any help just contact me without any hesitation. Beside that I love cooking, football and to play guitar. I just love to sing but unfortunately, I have the worst voice in this whole world. But it does not stop me for singing. Most of the time I irrigate my flatmates from my singing. Recently I am more into photography. I just click whatever I see and try to show world from my vison. I am very grateful that you come and spend your precious time for my blog. Thank you! See you soon.

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