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Hello everyone! It’s Nid again. How are you doing?

Our Fam-trip to Piteå is done. It was an eye-opening experience for me in Sweden. We visited different places in the area to get to know them better. We have met many passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are on the same boat to develop Piteå as an international tourist destination. Check out my previous blog in case you still don’t know Where Piteå is.

A view of Piteå from Kust Hotel during my visit

As you can see from my previous blog about Piteå, it can be seen as a hidden gem in Swedish Lapland. However, staying in the shadow of Luleå and locals ‘ fairnesses  of investing in Tourism industry make it difficult to develop the area as an destination. Therefore, it is important to create a strong network to connect all the existing stakeholders together and to encourage local people to do business in the field.

In Piteå, there are numerous businesses from big hotels to restaurants. However, tourist activities providers are not many and rather small. Creating a travel app can help map out all the service providers in the area and help them visible to tourists. It helps boost the growth of small service providers faster. After seeing the success of a small service provider, local people would be more open to invest their money in developing tourism.

On the other hand, developing the app will help connect all the stakeholders in the tourism field together. Only those businesses in the network can be visible in the app toward tourists. This would change the local business points of view from competition to coopetition. As the results, Quality services and experiences in the area will be improved.

Interior design of Kust Hotel when I visit

Moreover, all the stakeholders working together to develop the destination as a big unit would make it easier for all of them to reach out the investments as well as to attract more tourists than everyone minds his/her own business. Mapping services and local businesses in the app would help investors and tour operators see the potential of the area as a destination easily. It also helps gain their trusts in developing the region and bringing more tourists to the area as well.

Above is some of my opinions about developing a network in Piteå after visiting the destination last week. This properly is also my last blog post for IDDP goes Sweden. I hope that you could learn something from these posts or at least about me 🙂. Thank you for reading to the very end of this post as well as follow all my posts. See you around!


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