Ice Climbing in Piteå

Hello and Namaste, it’s me Kumar and welcome to my blog again. Hope everyone is doing well. Great to have you back here. Last time I talk about destination in Swedish Lapland- Piteå. And last week we had our trip and it was amazing. I will love to share my experience with you guys. Please have patience and follow me.

With all our backpacks ready we started our fam trip. It took around four hours to reach the destination. After all the research and the lectures, I had created certain image of Piteå in my mind. But during our visit I was very surprised. Piteå had much more to give than I had imagine. We all thing it is a hidden gem of Swedish Lapland. It is one of the beautiful place with so much to explore. I think we had the very experienced guide Hansis. He knows so much about the place and was explaining every single detail about all the places we visited. We got so much use and interesting information about the destination and about its history. I think Piteå can provide the best costal experience. Tourist can experience skiing towards the horizon, experience the magic of clear ice, an adventure aboard an icebreaker, swim with seals and many more. They have so much to provide customers throughout the years. I think the main reason they don’t have enough tourist in winter is due to lack of marketing.

It was amazing experience to visit Piteå to see what they can offers. But among all the products I found Lingbäck stadium very interesting. It is a winter sport arena with activities and amenities such as Swedish Championship competitions, a fun park, a campsites, restaurant and café. Tourist can go cross-country skiing all year around. They are planning to grow the business and planning to arrange slop for world cup ski orientation. They don’t have high slops, so they are going to add slops from the roof of cottages which is very interesting. And between slops and cottage they are planning to make it as ice climbing spot. People usually do ice climbing in frozen waterfalls, cliff, rocks slabs and icefall. It would be fascinating to have ice climbing next to the cottage they are staying. Since Piteå does not have high mountain and hills, it can also be the main attraction for many tourists. I hope they will build the area very soon. I wish they have very successful business. I will love to visit the place again and recommend you guys to visit there. Thank you, guys, for your precious time. Thank you! See you soon. Bye!

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