Pitea and Havsbad resort: boost marketing

Hello friends, I’m here again! And welcome to my post again.

The trip to Pitea was very successful. I must say it is the hidden Arctic Gem which is a place of contrasts, nature, peace, archipelago, rivers and a beautiful countryside. The place has more to offer than I have expected from online searches. I would suggest visiting this place for recreational activities, holiday trips for 3 to 4 days, nature lovers. It has the potential to be the best place in Arctic area. It has the best accommodation luxury hotels, cabins and campsite. Among all of them, Havsbad, the northern Europe’s largest tourism and conference center offers wide range of activities for all age group for all seasons. Yes, you hear it right! It has largest conference place in affordable price.


This place has very limited marketing for international tourist. The marketing strategy is very weak which seems targeting only people within a nation. Let me talk more about this matter.

Today, in this modernized world, all the tourism company and tour operators are targeting international tourist as their potential target. Arctic region has most tourist from UK, Norway, china, Russia and so on. For achieving success and remaining in the top chart of service provider, Pitehavsbad should focus on marketing of their resort in various language. I found their marketing very weak. No sufficient information and related data about their activities and services. The language, sign board, information of the hotel is all written in Swedish. I wondered tourist staying there or one looking for proper information can hardly find sufficient information. Despite lacking marketing and information, Havsbad has so many things to offer in summer and winter. The activities inside are fun-filled, exciting for kids and you can spend cosy time there. Scrolling Havsbad trip advisor review, I found out people have complained about the brouchers which are mostly in Swedish, also the Instagram and Facebook page. For Example



I have a few suggestions about Havsbad resort. Hope you guys will like this,In near future, they can target wide range of international customer by marketing their product and services in various language. The marketing strategy should be implemented targeting various country tourist providing different language information and data. I really recommend you all to visit this place and this resort for memorable experiences.

Havsbad also used to show shows, movies in their theatre which has the capacity of around 200-300 people. But it is now closed due to its cost of operation which cost nearly 15000 euro per show. I hope they can renovate this place and show some northern lights short movie, husky safari trip, rivers and beach life, local heritage, culture and different activities. This will be a great addition to their activities which will target all age group.

Thank you, guys, for your time and attention to my post. It’s time to say goodbye. See you soon!

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