Piteå! Where on earth?

Hello and Namaste, it’s me Kumar and welcome to my blog again. Hope everyone is doing well. This time I am going to talk about destination called Piteå. Did you ever have heard about Piteå? Let’s start with how I found about this destination.

I am currently studying responsible destination management study unit and within this study unit we had fam trip Piteå for developing destination experience project. We had done some research about destination and find out some information about it. Piteå is in the eastern part of Swedish Lapland. It is a place of contrasts, the archipelago, sea, rivers, forest and the amazing countryside which is the main reason it is popular place for tourism in summer. The destination is also suitable for may outdoor activities. Not only the nature, they also have lots of interesting history. They also have many industries. I think it is small town, but we can find lots of things to explore. We can have lots nature-based activities here in Piteå. Beside that we can explore nature, old towns, harbour, industries and many more. They also have icebreaker which is very interesting for many tourists. But from our teacher we heard that this destination is very popular in summer but don’t have enough tourist in winter. They might not have enough activities in winter or they might be having problem to organize winter activities. Let’s go and explore Swedish Lapland and learn more about it. After all the research and lecture we had about Piteå I am very excited to explorer Swedish Lapland.  I am looking forward for my fam trip and hope I will know and learn about destination more in detail. Thank you for your visit. Looking forward to seeing you on my next blog where I will share my experience of my fam trip. Thank you again! Have a great day.

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