Piteå and Instagram: A Dawn of a Relationship

You see the world much better through camera – said Louis Malle, a famous French film director.

The shopping street in Piteå

The shopping street in Piteå

You have your eyes, as your best tool to see things in this world that no other equipment can beat it.  But to capture those beautiful moments and have to stored to look at it again and again, it’s your brain to do so. But what the brain’s bad at is sometimes, it can forget things. And that’s why we have a camera. To take photos and videos of the moments we truly love and cherish, so that when we grow older, we look back at it and reminisce about those wonderful times. That’s how you see the world: not only the world at the moment you are looking, but also the world to remember of!

Hi there,  this is Minh, one of the authors for this blog site. If you have read my introduction blog post, you probably remember that I love traveling. Of course, as all the travelers in this world, a camera is always with me everywhere I go. I usually share my travel pics on Instagram, as this is the best place I think to let people see your works. Instagram has been one of the great tools to share pictures and videos, and you can recognize it by the amount of content from millions of people using it.

Taking photo in Saigon post office

Everywhere I go, it’s either a phone or a camera that helps me capture the moment I love


Obviously the trend nowadays when people decide where to travel is to look at the place on Instagram, because well, visuals are eye candy, and no one can resist good candy! From the point of the destination, being present on Instagram is as important as other social media platforms, maybe even more. And that’s what Piteå needs: to present itself excellently on Instagram!

A few days ago we went to Piteå to see for ourselves this little town, located in Swedish Lapland. Piteå is about 6 hours by car from our town, Rovaniemi  and so, it wasn’t a too long trip for all of us. I remembered getting excited to see Piteå, because like all the unknown destination, I wonder what it looks like. I checked quickly from Instagram with #piteå and the results gave me somewhat a clear picture of what the town would look like. Until we got there, I realized there were still many other cool places that I couldn’t find on Instagram!

Piteå's Skags fyr Lighthouse

Piteå’s Skags fyr Lighthouse

A vintage-styled restaurant in Piteå Havsbad

A vintage-styled restaurant in Piteå Havsbad


And that’s the problem that Piteå is facing on Instagram! First, there’s  an official Instagram page but it’s not yet specialized in telling people where to visit or where to go or what to do. Second, there’s no one main hashtag where people could just tap to to see all the tourism-related content. #Destinationpitea is one but there are only 115 posts there, which from my experience, I wouldn’t look at it too carefully. The little post it is, the more it tells me that this hashtag is no good. Lastly, where’s my English description? Because jag talar inte Svenska (I don’t speak Swedish).

Konditori coffee

Such cool coffee place like Konditori should be more known on Instagram

Tourist centre near Piteå's lighthouse

Or even this vintage-styled tourist centre should be promoted


To solve these problem and help to boost up the tourism industry here in Piteå, some changes can be made on Instagram, such as:

Modifying the DMO (Destination Management Organization)’s official page: This is the basic way to solve the problem at its core. A DMO is where tourist would look to on Instagram. For example: we have Visit Rovaniemi  as the Instagram page for Rovaniemi tourism info, or Salla in the Middle of Nowhere is a perfect example of how a small destination like Salla, Finland promote itself on Instagram! English should be used instead of just having Swedish captions. And be more informative on the page’s introduction part!

Have a one main big hashtag for tourists to tap to: This hashtag should be the one that the DMO, the local companies, the tourists should use., til the point that everyone who live in Piteå use it also. #Visitpitea is so far the hashtag with most post travel-wise, with almost 2000 posts. This #visit… is quite a common hashtag form for tourist to look for travel-related content on Instagram, and Visit Piteå can do the same.

More Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories is a great way to stay connected with the audience, as it lets people know that your page is still running, and updating all the latest events or happenings in the area. And indeed, Instagram Stories can be easily seen by more people than actually having the Instagram posts.

Öjeby Town in Piteå

Öjeby Town, a hidden romantic place


Beat the algorithm: When it comes to Instagram, the new algorithm has made it so that the more active and consistent your posts are, the better engagement it will get. If you post one picture, and then leave it for a week, only to post another one after that, you already lose at the engagement game. Make a detail plan of when to post, what time to post (find out when your audience is most online), what content should be posted and what hashtags to be used. Do reply to  any comment within the first 30 mins after posting, as you are letting Instagram know you are being active in engaging with your audience.

Collaborate with Instagram bloggers: These Instagram bloggers have a good amount of audience following them, hence can boost the chance of being seen by them when these bloggers come into the scene. Finding a decent Instagram bloggers is not an easy job as there are tons of bloggers out there, so look for the right one with reasonable followers and engagement rate. Engagement rate is always the priority on Instagram!

Create amazing contents for the Instagram page: Turn Piteå into a dreamy destination. Every place in this world has the potential to be as much dreamy as it can, when one knows how to create good photos or videos. As I said above, visuals are eye candy, and tasty candies are truly welcomed by everyone! Pay attention to the angles when shooting, the white balance, the natural lights… Do some editing to bring out the hidden colors and to fix whatever needed to be fixed!

Piteå by sunset

Piteå by sunset


Piteå is a truly beautiful place that is yet discovered, but I believe, with the right development, this place can pull out to be a destination for visitors to come and visit at any season of the year. As this is the very last post of mine, I would like to say thank you to you all who has been reading our blog, and I do hope you have been enjoying our journey!

Minh’s out! 😀

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