Piteå Internet Experience

Hello, it is me, Tibby again.

It has been a week since our trip to Piteå and I have to say the place at that moment was packed with many beautiful sceneries and places, embraced by the different shades of autumn colors and the most important thing – sparkling sunshine.

Super magnificent Autumn colors

To be honest, the place offered me more than I can imagine before going. Through Internet, it may not show enough to attract people coming and find out “The hidden gems”. Therefore, I would like to analyze deeply into the pre-experience of customers via social media, expecially the website and YouTube as well as some suggestions for future marketing strategies.

Öjeby Old Church Town and museum

Regarding to the website, when you google Piteå, the Swedish Lapland about Piteå and the website of municipality shows at the 4th and 5th place respectively, even after TripAdvisor. This means most tourists  find information through “the third party”. So why is this happening? Compared to Rovaniemi, the VisitRovaniemi and Rovaniemi website are both at the searching top. However, I am glad to hear VisitPitea is in process of being a new website where tourists can find more information about the places as well as more connection to other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hopefully, when the VisitPitea is coming to enhance customers’ internet experience, there will be more engagement and interaction in order to widespread the Pitea’s image and recognition. In addition, more social media links in the main website will also help in the above mention issues since the current ones only links to YouTube.

Moreover, the appearance of the website should be taken into consideration with easy accessibility and clear information searching. Images and videos have to transfer the beauty of the places, activities, core stories and visitors’ experience. Together with the empowerment of storytelling, I believe these can enhance the pre- and post experience of customers. For example, the Swedish Lapland Website involves customers’ stories telling about their unique experience in Pitea. Billions of people are connected and interact via Internet nowadays, booming in website development and storytelling would creating huge advantages.

Next, I would like express my opinion about YouTube channel. It is good that the videos of Piteainfo Channel comes at the top. However, I can only a few of videos in English while mostly in Swedish. If you remember, I share a 8-minute video in my previous post which is in English. That is actually show many aspects of the places with well-edited videos. It is recommended to have more and more videos in the near future involving visitors’ stories, natural landscapes, activities and other attractions in English or with English subtitles. Moreover, the length of video needs to be carefully considered while editing. According to Hubspot, the ideal for video in YouTube is 2 minutes to hold people’s attention nowadays. The picture below shows the ideal length for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

How Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. (Chi 2018)

All in all, internet performance presently plays an important role in people’s experience, also in creating the first impression. Hopefully, the VisitPitea would perform as a bridge which brings a growing number of customers to know, to search and to visit Piteå – the Arctic Hidden Gem!

References: Chi, C. 2018. How Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube [Infographic]. Accessed 12 October 2018 https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-long-should-videos-be-on-instagram-twitter-facebook-youtube. 

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  1. Nice analysis. Give even more hyperlinks, optimize file names.
    Maybe write the analysis with bullet point lists, now the paragraphs are rather long.

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