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What’s up travelers!! Welcome back to Linh’s another post. I’m going to tell you my amazing experience in the part of Swedish Lapland – Piteå. If you are looking for where to eat, you are at the right post. 😉 

A little fresh up for a day trip

Let me tell you one small story I have experienced on my first day in Piteå – Swedish Lapland. Like a normal tourist, the first thing I did was walking around to check places such as buildings, the beach near the city center and shops. After a quick look, I and my friend decided to go to Espresso House to get coffee and small snacks as we were a bit tired. What I – a Foodaholic love most about Pitea is how everything is located all in the center and I could easily find any restaurant, cafe or bars. And if you have a take-away, you can find a good spot to admire the beach near the town. That was exactly what I did. I also had a lime cake with me and it tasted kinda weird but delicious! I would never forget the taste of it!

Anyway, I know everybody loves food. We can’t live without it. And if you are a truly food lover, you should not miss local and heritage cuisine of Piteå. Its signature dish is called Pitepalt. Have you ever heard of Asian dumplings? Well, Pitepalt is a Swedish potato dumpling which is a completely different kind of dumplings.

Pitepalt – The Local Signature Dish (Photo credit: Piteå.se)

The basic ingredient for it includes potatoes, flour, salt and salted pork. It is served with nutritious homemade lingonberry jam, butter and ice cold milk. Yummm!! That’s why it is a paradise for the locals. There are restaurants that you can discover this local food such as Paltzerian, Piteå Stadshotell and KolerElvis. Besides, you can try the taste of Swedish Lapland with other dishes. For example, local cuisine with fish from very clean water, reindeer and elk meat, arctic char and smoked char.

If you would like to enjoy your meals in a marvelous place, come to Kust’s Restaurant Tage which is the top of Sweden’s best restaurants. It is located on the 13th floor where you can overlook half of the Norrbotten region. Restaurant Tage serves seasonal, high quality food together with matched drinks from the world’s leading producers. Food is always go perfectly with Beverage. If Restaurant Tage is on your list, its skyBar should also go with it. There’s nothing could be so romantic and magnificent to have your favorite drinks after dinner in a bar where you can literally be on top the coast of Norrland. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Restaurant Tage in KUST Hotel (Photo credit: KUST Hotel)

There is not much information of where you can find local and quality food in Piteå. So I hope my post will help you somehow. Good luck and have fun in Piteå !!

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