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It has been a week since I had a trip to Piteå, and unexpectedly, Piteå was far more from what I imagined (of course in a positive way 🙂 ). It was a quite enjoyable journey, and also a tired one since we went on a city tour for a whole day in 13 hours. Anyway, thanks to our tour guide Hansis, I was able to see many interesting places in Piteå which were totally wowed me since this small town has such attractions.

Piteå looking from above

Pedestrian street in Piteå

Well, if you have no idea where to spend your holiday, either in summer or winter, I will absolutely recommend you Piteå. So why I would say so?

This small town, in fact, has a quiet potential to develop their tourism. Even though surrounding numerous well-known destinations in Lapland such as Luleå, Rovaniemi, Kemi, Piteå still have its appealing points to be able to capture tourist attention.

The accessibility to Piteå is quite convenient by using public transportation from Luleå, Skellefteå and Arvidsjaur. The city also has Haraholmen harbour, although it is not available to get to Piteå by boat, but it is might possible to do so when the city will be extending and investing into its infrastructure.

Sunset in Piteå

As I mentioned from my previous post about Piteå’s special archipelago, you can leisurely enjoy your trip in both summer and winter with various activities. Whether you are natural explorer, adventure or you are just basically looking for recreation, then Piteå will definitely be a satisfying decision. From skiing, hiking, marine sports, indoor activities, Piteå can offer you many options.

Cottages by the sea in Pite Havsbad

Piteå is ranked as top 10 in term of camping in Sweden, you will not want to miss the Pite Havsbad – the biggest resort in Swedish Lapland. This complex is a suitable accommodation for year-round holiday. Situating along side the beach, you can play water sports, or just simply enjoy the amazing beach view from its buildings.

Spa house by the sea in Pite Havsbad


Indoor water park in Pite Havsbad (looking for summer atmosphere during the winter? here you are!)

Restaurant in Pite Havsbad

For winter time, icebreaker is the thing that you should give a shot when having a journey to Lapland area. And of course, you can reserve a tour in Piteå which is available from December to April. Like what I described in my previous post about this unique tour, I can assure you it will be worth every penny to experience this.

Piteå icebreaker

For those who love skiing, you can visit Piteå to play this sport in any time of the year at Lindbåck Stadium (yeh, i’m serious when i said that you can skiing in summer 😉 ). The stadium is still in the development process by building more slope, improve indoor skiing facility in order to enhance tourist experience, as well as skiing world cup orientation.

Skiing house Lindbåck stadium

For high-end experience, I totally recommend you to book your stay at KUST Hotel & Spa. It is a 4 stars hotel which is established few years ago and it brings a fresh breath in Piteå lodging service. Each divisions in hotel  have a story behind that creating a very vivid picture for KUST.

City view at KUST bar

Well, Piteå is a fairly new tourism destination, so it has not been suffered from mass tourism or overwhelming exploitation. Besides, Piteå also aims to avoiding international tourism exploration in order to utilizing local tourism scale and resources. Therefore, you should better prepare and pack your stuff to visit Piteå if you are already exhausted from the crowd or mass tourism destinations and craving for some real peaceful atmosphere.

That’s all for today guys. Thank you for your time and patience to stay with me in end. Bye bye!

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