Indoor Ski Hill

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This is the inside of the current indoor cross-country skiing they have to offer. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

Piteå was a great destination we traveled to. It was a hidden gem that offers a lot of summer experiences that are marketed and tourists love to travel to. They also have winter experiences to offer to their tourists you just have to do some research on the area. They have a ski hill that accommodates the different difficulties of skiing so you can bring the whole family.

There are historic findings that date back to 1620 that show Piteå as an established town/city. There are a lot of destination experiences planned to be ready for the 400-year celebration in 2020. The city of Piteå plans to have a new website up and running for tourism as well as many projects completed in 2020 for the celebration. This celebration is important for Piteå and can be the showcase of this hidden gem.

This is the indoor tire testing area. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

Currently there is a ski hill (I have included the link to the Ski Hill, however it is only in Swedish) that operates in winter after the snow has fallen. There are 3 different downhill tracks you can take with increasing difficulty on each of the slopes. Also to offer there are many different cross country trails. There is also a building where they have built an indoor cross-country track that is used mainly for training but could also be used in the summer. It is attached to a center where they test tires on cars to ensure they are safe for the road.

This is what the ski village will look like in 2020 when the tunnels and indoor skiing area is complete. You can see where the chalets and hotel will be located as well. Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby

In 2020 the Ski Hill hopes to also have a larger indoor cross-country skiing tunnel as well as an indoor downhill skiing area. It will be called the Lindbäcksstadion. There will also be a chalet village and hotel at the top of the hill. The investors of this indoor ski center wanted to get ahead of the curve when it comes to global warming to have skiing available all year round. There will still be outdoor skiing available in winter on the other part of the hill, and the cross-country trails outside will also be intact. The indoor session will be additional to what is currently offered, so if there is not enough snow, or if you want to ski in a controlled environment this indoor stadium would be the destination for you.

Check this ski location out, and plan to celebrate the 400-year celebration in 2020 with a trip to this up and coming ski village.


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