Connect with your inner nature in Piteå


Here I go again, writing a blogpost in a bus on my way to Rovaniemi, #lifeofatourismstudent indeed! It’s been a while since we visited Piteå and every once in a while I go through the experiences we had there. Piteå was somehow very special, cozy and warm place – every time I think of Piteå, I start to think of the authenticity and the nature which was surrounded by us at all times. I would say I fell in love with Piteå. I got this feeling, that Piteå is the place where I belong and where I need to be in order to connect with my mind, as nature is the one giving that opportunity to us. I was supposed to write about winter activities and tourism in Piteå, not only about how I have fallen in love with that destination. So, let’s get to the point.  Piteå is mainly a summer destination and they enjoy tourism high season, with tons of activities and events, during summer. Challenge is, how to make themselves as intriguing destination during winter as they are during summer.

Snow hall in Lindbäcksstadion with -12 degrees.

In Piteå, it is not about not having any winter activities, but about how to market the winter season in order to reach out to the potential customers.  Our guide Hansi Gelter is basically the only one in Piteå organizing winter activity products for tourists. His company Guide Natura takes fearless and those craving for experiences on kayaking or canoeing trips on frozen autumn lakes, swimming with seals and snowmobiling to see how icy sea with wind creates huge ice walls to the outer islets. Along with Hansi and Guide Natura, Lindbäcksstadion in Piteå is for sure one of the main actors when it comes to attracting tourists interested in winter activities. Future indoor skiing halls and already made indoor winter test centre for car producers are prolonging the high season in Piteå, but how to maintain that smooth tourist flow in there?

View of the coast of Piteå city.

As the pre-experience about Piteå was not giving me a lot but the on-site-experience got most of us blown away, the post-experience encouraged to promote the destination to the one’s not knowing about it. Being a destination of summer season, this beautiful place full of stories and culture to be experienced, they somehow seem to be lost with how to improve the attractiveness during winter time. After all, they are not too different compared to Finnish Lapland destinations. What they could have is tourists who are more willing to experience authenticity in an environment encouraging them to discover the true nature of humankind and a peace of mind in the most tranquil atmosphere rather than resorts full of activities and hustle – not that it’s somehow bad environment, but probably not the most preferable while trying to connect with inner self.

I guess, that the potential customers hide in the ones who already are being targeted, they just need to be precised and marketing of winter season needs to be developed more attractive and suitable for those of potential customers. Connect with your inner nature in Piteå – the nature will help you on your path to finding your human nature.

Keep connecting and experience a life changing destination Piteå!


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