It’s me, Tiia. This post will discuss about Piteå before visiting the destination; what were the preconceptions, was there any expectations and how was the overall feeling before arriving to this hidden Gem of Sweden as some would state afterwards.

Kayaking in the Beautiful Archipelago

Before our FAM-trip to Piteå, we did some research on the destination and created a pre-experience file which included information on Piteå that was collected beforehand.  What was mainly left after reading through sites after sites of information was,  that Piteå truly is a beautiful destination with breath-taking archipelago surrounding it, located no further than in the Swedish Lapland.  This was the destination we were to be developed, and man were we excited to hear more once we actually traveled there.

Another expectation of this trip was to see Piteå’s biggest tourism center; Pite Havsbad. This resort includes camping area, a spa, restaurants, a hotel and everything else located right on sea side shore. This place would be amazing to see in real life, could it really be the ultimate travel destination?

Pite Havsbad from Above

And these were only some of our expectations and preconceptions. Everyone was truly excited to see this destination and develop it to become even better.


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