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The hidden gem of Scandinavia

It’s been a long time I have not seen you guys because of traveling. Do you want to know where Joan visited and what did she do there? Read this! Why hidden gem of Scandinavia? Where is that place? The answer is Piteå – which is perfectly fit for the quote “Don’t judge a book by its …

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All the way to Piteå

Hello hello! It’s me again, Joan! As now when everybody is preparing for the next trip to Piteå tomorrow, I am sitting here, in front of my laptop and writing a blog post about my pre-experiences about this destination. So let’s have a look what I have found before the 3 days 2 nights trip …

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Sending love from Joan! ❤️

Warm welcome to the first blog post of Joan! Joan, Joanne, Lan. You can call me whichever you like. So nice to meet you! Wonder why I’m here? Yes I had been flying like a bird from Asia to Europe. I was born and grew up in a beautiful and modern city – Saigon, Vietnam. …

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