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Piteå Internet Experience

Hello, it is me, Tibby again. It has been a week since our trip to Piteå and I have to say the place at that moment was packed with many beautiful sceneries and places, embraced by the different shades of autumn colors and the most important thing – sparkling sunshine. To be honest, the place offered …

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From Rovaniemi to Piteå

Hello from Rovaniemi, Tomorrow, my class goes to Piteå for our study trip. Located in the Swedish Lapland, Piteå is embraced by the archipelago, sea, forests and a countryside. Having a glance at Piteå main website, I found a video that really give me a holistic image of this place. With 8-minute long, many stories are told regarding city …

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A brief history of Me

Xin chào! You may notice the first strange words in this blog “ Xin chào”, this is how Vietnamese people say “hello”to everyone with a smile on their face. In 1992, I was born as a happiest baby in this world, because I have my father and mother who cannot give me everything in this …

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